10 Best Dragon Ball Super Characters

    In this list we have considered the Dragon Ball characters with the greatest potential, but who have been ignored by Akira Toriyama.

    Many are the Dragon Ball characters that Akira Toriyama has presented to us as super-powerful and of great importance, and many have also been the heroes and villains who, after this introduction, have fallen into oblivion by the sensei. This can be annoying for many fans, and to add our pebble to this heap of discontent, we’ve made our list like the top ten most underrated characters in the entire series.

    10. Great Kaio

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    The Great Kaio was a complete sham | Image: Toei Animation

    Although this God among the Kaio Sama is a filler character in the anime, when he was introduced in the Otherworldly Martial Arts Tournament Saga he was introduced to us as the most powerful being in the entire Universe. The prize of said Tournament was an exclusive training by this divinity, something of which Goku was deprived for allegedly having violated the rules of this contest.

    Never, since then, has the Great Kaio been shown to us again, but there is no doubt that if they had continued to present him in the series, we could have seen one of the most powerful beings in combat in combat.

    9. Majin Boo

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    The Majin Boo we deserve | Image: Toei Animation

    Majin Boo is like those final bosses in video games that while fighting with them are real monsters, but when you unlock as a playable character it is completely ridiculous. To date, the greatest antagonist of the Boo Saga has not been done justice, on the contrary: despite his enormous strength, Akira Toriyama has preferred to present him as a selfish and tantrum being with little or no brain. Maybe in a new season of Dragon Ball Super Majin Boo can be taken up with more seriousness?

    8. Cell

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    At that moment, Cell felt that they were not going to resurrect him | Image: Toei Animation

    Risen in Dragon Ball Super. Majin Boo? He never really died after Goku’s Gekidama … And Cell? Dead, with no possibility of resurrection for the moment, and in the complete oblivion of Akira Toriyama. How is it possible that the most fearsome android of all has died in his Saga and to date, he has not been given even a couple of chapters of attention in the manga that Toyotaro is drawing? Of course, there will be those who say that Moro was a copy of this character, which is only sadder still.

    7. Tori-Bot

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    More powerful than the Gods themselves | Image: Shueisha

    Tori-Bot, the cartoon representation of Akira Toriyama himself on his sleeves is one of the most underrated characters not only by the author but by most of the fans of his works. In Dragon Ball, he barely appeared in a cartoon of the manga and made some cameos within the anime, but his participation did not go beyond this. This is completely unfortunate, because as has been shown in Dr. Slump, this character is capable of doing anything you can imagine, and not even Zeno Sama is that powerful.

    6. Goten

    Dragon Ball Super Characters

    In order to give greater prominence to certain secondary characters that had fallen into oblivion since the Freeza Saga, Akira Toriyama made Goten in Dragon Ball Super a little boy who, although powerful, was not allowed to participate in adult fighting. That is why he has not been seen fighting since the Saga of the God of Destruction, and hardly soon we will see this hybrid Saiyan again be part of any battle worthy of mention.

    5. Trunks

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    Is this how they treat the Saiyan royal family? | Image: Toei Animation

    Like Goten, the child version of Trunks has been barely treated by Dragon Ball in recent years. Toriyama preferred to bring back Future Trunks rather than use this little guy as his protagonist, which is a shame since he is one of the characters with the greatest potential in the series.

    4. Gohan

    Dragon Ball Super Characters
    You were cool before, Gohan | Image: Toei Animation

    Despite the role he played in the Tournament of Power Saga, Gohan has not exactly recovered his heroic personality or his beastly level of power, which afflicts many fans, as this Saiyan came to be treated at some point in the replacement of Goku and the most powerful warrior in all of Dragon Ball. But since this shonen has not been able to sacrifice his beloved protagonist, both Toei Animation and Toriyama decided to make Gohan a father of a family, keep him away from battles, and downplay the importance that he once had.

    3. Piccolo

    We miss seeing Piccolo in combat | Image: Toei Animation

    Piccolo is one of the Dragon Ball characters that has had the most changes over the years. At first, he was presented as an antagonist of the work, later as one of the most powerful Z Warriors, however, today he is no more than a strange babysitter. First as an instructor to Goten and Trunks, and later as little Pan’s caretaker, this namekusei has been thoroughly ridiculed. But look how they left our boy!

    2. Lunch

    Does anyone remember where Lunch was? | Image: Toei Animation

    If it weren’t for the fact that he is one of the most iconic manga creators in history, many of us would have already gone to Akira Toriyama’s jugular for the simple fact that this author tends to forget the existence of his own characters. Such is the case of Lunch, secondary in the first part of the series that after the premiere of Dragon Ball Z never appeared again. And it’s not that we miss her so much, but at least we would have liked to know the future of this tender and dangerous girl.

    1. Vegeta

    The tragedy of not being the protagonist | Image: Toei Animation

    Of all the Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta is the most underrated. We still do not know the origins of the hatred that Akira Toriyama feels for him, but the truth is that, after this Saiyan had gone over to the side of the good guys, he has been humiliated by the mangaka countless times. Today the most common practice is to make us think that he is about to surpass Goku in power, only to discover in the next chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga that Vegeta only serves as a punching bag.

    As you can see, in Dragon Ball there are characters that at the time promised a lot, but for one reason or another have not been exploited as they should by the creators of the series themselves. We cannot deny that this work is an icon within the industry, but sometimes it makes us so angry that we would like to throw our tankobones out the window.

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