Evangelion: This adorable Rei Ayanami cosplay has turned the EVA 00 pilot into a cute kitten

Who would think that one could become a fury for the characters in Evangelion?

The perfect crossover does exist! | Image: @mojacookie_rkgk (Twitter)

Rei Ayanami is, of all the Evangelion characters, one of the most interesting due to her psychological background. Born as a kind of clone of Yui Ikari, at the same time as a vessel for Lilith’s soul, this waifu grew up with a distinct sensibility: divine, to say the least. That’s why we loved this cosplay, as it has reinvented the beautiful Evangelion pilot with a cosplay that will make anyone furious.


A plugsuit that should be made canonical | Image: Axilirator (DeviantArt)

When we see the cosplay of the Russian Axilirator, we realize that the artist has adapted Rei Ayanami’s plugsuit in such a way that it sports a fierce feline profile. His characterization is remarkable because in addition to reformulating the design of this characteristic combat clothing, Axilirator has a huge physical resemblance to the silent character of Hideaki Anno.

In this way, we notice that the artist is wearing a headband with a pair of cat ears that simulate the nervous clips that the pilots use, a red ribbon as a choker, white gloves, a bodysuit that refers us to the character’s plugsuit, and a pair of stockings that arrive above the knees and downwards are mixed with individual heels.

The first girl chosen | Image: Axilirator (DeviantArt)

In the following image from the Axilirator set we can see the young pilot again, but with a certainly different pose: holding on to the wall, with her gaze fixed on a point that the viewer cannot see, and because of the gaze that the character has, we cannot imagine that they are pretty things.

In conclusion: that is how cosplay adaptations of Evangelion drawings should be done, respecting the spirit of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s design, and reformulating it in a completely original way!

Casually waiting for the Third Impact | Image: Axilirator (DeviantArt)

Rei Ayanami is tragedy personified: perhaps that is why the authors of this play bestowed upon her a deeply melancholic pair of red eyes. Even so, this pilot has become the character of many followers of the work: perhaps it is because we see in her even a little hope.

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