The authors of Boku no Hero Academia and Made in Abyss recommend this sci-fi action manga

Kouhei Horikoshi and Akihito Tsukushi agree: you have to read Tsugumi Project, the new work by Ippatu

Manga authors are not only story creators, but they are also fans of the medium that they constantly help nurture. Thus, it is relatively easy to see how renowned authors recommend some works perhaps not so well known to the public, something that can help ‘newbies’ a lot in the medium and long term. In this case, the authors of “Boku no Hero Academia” and “Made in Abyss” have agreed that “Tsugumi Project” should be read.

Tsugumi Project, with the support of the authors of Boku no Hero Academia and Made in Abyss

Then I leave you with the MangaMogura tweet that has thus allowed us to know this recommendation to take into account:

Said and shown all this, I leave you next with the official description of the “Tsugumi Project”:

Description of Tsugumi Project

” Leon, an elite soldier from a militarized Europe, is forced to embark on a secret mission. He has to travel to a desolate Japan, completely abandoned for more than 200 years, and will be accompanied by a team with whom he must find and recover a completely terrifying weapon. The weapon’s code name is Tsugumi. All that is known is that its destructive power is such that it was preferred to bury it under a hail of atomic bombs rather than watch its development complete …

However, the operation ends up taking very little time: the plane in which Leon and his team are traveling crashes, and he is left alone in Tokyo Bay. Hungry, with all his strength consumed and only an anti-radiation suit as his only protective measure, Leon quickly discovers that the city is not as helpless as it was believed … “

In essence, “Tsugumi Project” seems to be a manga of action, science fiction, mystery, and other elements that at least have managed to catch authors of the caliber of who has shaped “Boku no Hero Academia” on the one hand and ” Made in Abyss “by another. Will this be enough for Ippatu’s work to start making more and more headlines? What I have no doubt about is that it will definitely help put the “Tsugumi Project” on the radar of many, at least for now.


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