Detective Conan: a special edition of the manga with the best cases of Shinichi Kudo announced

Those responsible for the work want to celebrate the arrival of volume number 100

Like One Piece, Detective Conan is also on the verge of achieving a milestone within the manganime industry. While the animated series has already surpassed 1 000 episodes, the manga will soon reach 100 volumes. To celebrate, those responsible for the work are preparing some special announcements, and the first of them has already been released.

As reported from the Manga account Mogura RE, Detective Conan fans will soon be able to get Detective Conan – Shinichi Kudo Selection, a special edition of the manga that will be divided into two different volumes. These volumes will include the best cases of the adolescent detective as well as various special articles about the character.

Just above I have left the covers of the two volumes that make up Detective Conan – Shinichi Kudo Selection, and incidentally I take the opportunity to remember that a few days ago it was revealed how the cover of the expected volume 100 of the main manga will be. Unfortunately, it is still unknown how much this special edition will cost or if it will even arrive in our country edited.

Detective Conan Synopsis

Detective Conan is a play that tells the story of Shinichi Kudo, a young and extremely talented detective who, after being involved in a case involving two mysterious men in black, ingests a poison that shrinks his body until he becomes that of an elementary school boy. . From that moment he adopts the name Conan Edogawa and remains under the tutelage of private detective Kogoro Mouri and his daughter Ran. Conan will try to find these men in black again to recover his body, and along the way, he will be involved in hundreds of cases of murder, kidnapping, and more.

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