10 Best Sailor Moon Characters

    Sailor Moon Characters, This is a nostalgic item! Let’s remember one of your favorite anime! Based on the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon conquered our hearts in the ’90s. Girls rule here! But because the show was geared toward a family audience, a lot of things were toned down. Also, because the release time overlapped with the anime, we have a lot of filler episodes. But not all that filler was useless! We could explore the characters more in that way. Additionally, some of the series’ most memorable villains garnered special attention.

    It is precisely because the anime of the 90s was more oriented to a family audience that some of the villains were modified and ended up realizing the error of their behavior. Some changed completely, while others had more complex or specific reasons for turning to the bright side for a while. Some of their personalities are very different from the anime reboot, which is more faithful to the manga version! So, without further ado, let’s recall some scenes with the Sailor Moon villains who switched sides. But don’t forget to proceed with caution. We will have spoilers all the way.

    10. Alan and Ann

    Sailor Moon Characters
    Sailor Moon Characters

    Yes my dear otakus, we are going to remember one of the longest fillers from the first version of the Sailor Moon anime. After defeating Queen Metallia, the Senshi were living a normal life again … until two aliens and their malefic tree descended upon Earth to do what the villains in Sailor Moon do best: absorb people’s energy. . Alan and Ann are quite a romantic couple, but they end up in love with Usagi and Mamoru, respectively. Of course, they go out of their way to separate the couple when posing as human beings! They also try to destroy Sailor Moon and the Moon Knight (Mamoru’s “subconscious” shadow trying to protect Usagi) whenever they interfere with his plans. Yeap, love-hate relationships have always been so complicated …

    At least we can say that the last battle was interesting, with a jealous Ann about to defeat Sailor Moon … until the alien tree rebels and attacks them. Ann protects Alan and they reaffirm their love, while the tree speaks up and confesses that he didn’t need human energy, but just … love (duh). So, after being purified by Sailor Moon, the alien family leaves the planet to find a better place to grow the tree together. That’s so sweet…

    9. nephrite

    Sailor Moon Characters
    Sailor Moon Characters

    Does anyone remember this handsome Shitennou (General of the Negaverse)? Nephrite was the second of the generals to appear, and in the Sailor Moon Crystal version, it is implied that she is Sailor Jupiter’s love interest in their previous lives. However, in the anime version of the 90s, the story was completely different.

    Nephrite directed attacks on specific people in order to drain her energy for Queen Metallia by reading the stars. He also had a human identity, that of millionaire businessman Masato Sanjouin. When Nephrite was trying to discover Sailor Moon’s identity in the human world, she became involved with Naru Osaka, who fell in love with him. At first, the proud Shitennou was using her, but when Naru is kidnapped by Zoisite and endangered, Nephrite goes to rescue her. In the end, he dies protecting Naru from you may Zoisite. The relationship between Nephrite and Naru was one of the most emotional in anime of the 90s, and it still brings fans around the world to tears.

    8. The Sisters of the Darkmoon

    Sailor Moon Characters
    Sailor Moon Characters

    Let’s get deeper into the Black Moon season, shall we? Who remembers the malevolent and sometimes comical quartet of the Ayakashi sisters? Petz, Calaveras, Beruttie, and Koan (in order of birth) faced the Sailor Scouts one by one. In the 90s version of the anime, they were also purified one by one.

    The sisters truly loved each other, so they chose to lose their evil powers in order to live together as civilians. So guess what they chose as a career? Well, since they were described as vain and careful about their appearance, they became cosmetologists. The fun dynamic of sisters fighting and teasing each other from time to time was not lost. Long live the Ayakashi family!

    7. Prince Diamond

    Sailor Moon Characters
    Sailor Moon Characters

    Prince Diamond still has a lot of fans! With his cold gaze and graceful demeanor, Prince Demande’s most notable characteristics were his thirst for power and his obsession with the Neo Queen Serenity, aka Sailor Moon. He also calculated that by going to the past, he would be able to kidnap her. Prince Demande tried to seduce her and even kissed her. The very scoundrel!

    However, the boy became suspicious when Wiseman killed his brother Saphyre. After that, Sailor Moon convinced him that they could all live together and that Wiseman just wanted to succeed by creating chaos, which was the wrong way to go. When the Wiseman nearly killed Sailor Moon, Prince Diamond protected her, taking the full impact of the attack. This quick and dramatic moment of redemption before the death of Prince Diamond was one of the best scenes in the ’90s anime version.

    6. Chibi Usa (aka Black Lady)

    Sailor Moon Characters
    Sailor Moon Characters

    We still have better stories of redemption among the Sailor Moon villains. What could be more disturbing than your own daughter turning against you in the worst possible way? Chibi Usa wanted to destroy the Earth and even stole the prince! But let’s be fair to Chibi Usa – she was in a vulnerable state when Wiseman manipulated her. She wanted to belong somewhere, to be powerful, and deal with her complex emotions towards her own father (yes, speaking of an Electra complex).

    As an interesting point, the 90s anime version kept putting Usagi and Chibi Usa in competition for Mamoru’s attention in certain seasons, in stark contrast to the manga and the new version of Cristal … Anyway, Ultimately, it was Usagi (her future mother) who reached out to Black Lady and reconciled with her, purifying Chibi Usa’s heart and bringing her back to the good side.

    5. Hotaru Tomoe

    Sailor Moon Characters

    Hotaru is something of an ambiguous villain figure. Deep inside her, she is unable to do harm, but two identities battle within her weak body. Hotaru’s soul is the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, who is said to bring destruction when she awakens. Hence, the other Sailor Senshi tends to turn away from her. On the other hand, the ambitious Mistress 9 was implanted in Hotaru by the Death Busters. It even swallows Chibi Usa’s silver crystal and paved the way for the evil Pharaoh 90 to invade Earth … until Sailor Saturn took over.

    Instead of ending the world, Hotaru sacrificed her life to defeat the Death Busters. Luckily, Sailor Moon was able to facilitate her rebirth. Therefore, there was no long-term damage. The sweet and caring Hotaru was able to clean up her image as Sailor Saturn and have a normal life, at least for a while …

    4. Amazon Trio

    The fourth season was full of swanky characters who worked at the Dead Moon Circus. However, the comedian Amazon Trio won our hearts. They even had their private place in a bar to talk about their evil plans. Their personal tastes were also different: Tiger Eye was looking for young women, Eagle Eye was looking for older women, and Fish Eye was looking for boys. Later in the season, it is revealed that they used to be animals that wanted to be human, so Zirconia transformed them into the Amazon Trio. Yes, evil people manipulating others again …

    The Amazon Trio failed so many times to find the Pegasus, that the Amazon Quartet was sent to kill them. In order to protect each other, the Amazon Trio ended up helping Sailor Moon when her dream mirror broke. Thus, Pegasus revived them and gave them their own dream mirrors, leading them to live in his forest world.

    3. Amazonas Quartet

    The Amazon Trio surrogates were even more dangerous, so don’t let their innocent and childish appearances fool you! Their names are Vesves , CereCere , JunJun , and PallaPalla . These girls do not want to grow up because they think that it will take away their dreams, so they accepted the power of Queen Neherenia in the form of spheres, to stop the aging process. The Amazon Quartet performs many tricks against the Sailor Scouts. Furthermore, they are only loyal to each other, as they kidnap Chibi Usa of Zirconia in order to obtain the Pegasus.

    During a battle between Zirconia and the Sailor Scouts, the former was going to absorb the energy of the Amazon Quartet to win. The Sailor Senshi convinces the Amazon Quartet to destroy their spheres, freeing them from the control of the Dead Moon Circus. The Amazon Quartet also stole the golden crystal from Queen Neherenia, replacing it with a pineapple (LOL) to enhance Sailor Moon’s powers. Once the queen fled sealed in a mirror, the Amazon Quartet adopted civil identities and left without saying goodbye. Maybe they will meet the Sailor Scouts again in the future ?

    2. Queen Neherenia

    The evil mastermind behind the Dead Moon Circus definitely had to be mentioned in this Top Ten! Queen Neherenia dreamed of ruling the Moon Kingdom, so she was sealed in a mirror by the former Queen Serenity. But, when the power of people’s dreams weakened on Earth, the circus was unleashed to unleash chaos. It was later discovered that Neherenia was the young queen of the dark side of the moon, loved and praised by her people. Fearing getting old, he became obsessed with beauty and stole the dream mirrors of his subordinates to stay young forever.

    Neherenia later sought out the golden crystal in order to gain enough power to rule over the Silver Millennium and Earth. She was freed a second time by a certain person who ranks first in the Top Ten when she corrupts Mamoru with a mirror shard (just like in Andersen’s original tale of the Snow Queen). But the more Neherenia tries to make Sailor Moon hate her, the more she refuses. This leads to a change of heart, and later, purified by Sailor Moon, she regains her child form, her kingdom, and her subordinates.

    1. Sailor Galaxia

    The number one villain in Sailor Moon has to be the immensely powerful leader of Shadow Galactica! Once upon a time a noble Senshi who sealed chaos within her was corrupted and turned thirsty for power. Sailor Galaxia invaded planets throughout the Universe, stealing starseeds and gaining allies (the Sailor Animamates ) along the way. However, she also removes them when they fail.

    Sailor Galaxia was so ruthless that she killed most of the Sailor Senshi without much effort, and even killed little Sailor Chibi Chibi, her own starseed in human form ? But even with that, Sailor Moon always thought that Sailor Galaxia had some good inside her. Fortunately, in the end, Serena catches up with the good human form of Galaxia, expelling the chaos within.

    Final Words

    Sailor Moon was one of the first anime to really go around the world. Although mostly entertaining and full of comedy, we can see how the power of love, kindness, and friendship was able to make several of the villains (even the most dangerous) think twice about their goals. That is the true power of Sailor Moon, to change people’s hearts and forgive the wicked. That is why his story is so popular even today!

    What other Sailor Moon villain switched sides? Who is your favorite Sailor Moon villain and why? Do not forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

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