10 Best Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters, Fairy Tail has grown to become one of the most popular Shounen out there, following classics like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Naturally, they are inclined to focus on the importance of relationships and the bonds that are created with the people around them. The story is a bit clever because they leave out the aspect that attracts us the most, in terms of the fights. This aspect is: Who are the strongest characters? Who are the characters that, no matter who they face, are able to stand up and show that they shouldn’t be messing with them?

    10. Precht “Hades” Gaebolg

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters
    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    Nicknamed the second guild master of Fairy Tail, Hades went to the dark side and abandoned the guild members, including Makarov. It is only entered in the Tenroujima arc, just before entering the members of the island of Zeref. His overall appearance is intimidating, but what really makes Fairy Tail members petrified upon seeing him is the fact that he wears an eye patch to cover his demon eye. When activated, it changes some parts of their physical appearance to make it appear even more intimidating.

    The power of Hades’ demon eyes is caster-type magic, which means that its magical power is expelled from its body and not through a weapon or other external source. Of course, all the magicians of the Fairy Tail universe use a magical power that comes from their body, but with the eyes of a demon, it is related to the awakening of Zeref, automatically making someone like Hades a hundred times more petrifying than he was. originally. The fact that he was a former Fairy Tail guild master makes the whole situation much worse as well since it is obvious that he abandoned and deserted the very people he was supposed to protect.

    9. Minerva Orland

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters
    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    Daughter of Jemma, Minerva is introduced to the story as having absolute control over the members of the Sabertooth Alliance. She is ruthless, vindictive, and undoubtedly sets herself above others, with the exception of her father. Of course, that only lasted until the end of the Great Magic Games. The reason that Minerva is so feared by her guild members, as well as the other people who witness how she treats others, is because she uses threats as a way to get what she wants.

    After Sting Eucliffe lost his battle to Natsu in the GMG, Minerva hit Lector from a distance, someone who is very trusted by Sting. Not only is Minerva a professional manipulator, but she was also relentless in her fight against Lucy during the GMG, and even more so during the Erza and Kagura fight. Characters who are strong would have praised Minerva, because she knew how to find what was most important to a person, and threaten to jeopardize that just to manipulate. Characters like Sting were perceived as strong, but not as strong as Minerva. Her creepy and cold reputation was even more terrifying when she killed her own father without hesitation, adding him to the list of things to fear.

    Of course, in the end, she was taken down by none other than Erza, however, the actions that had already been committed in order to gain more power still did not diminish.

    8. Erza Scarlet

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters
    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    Although there is a bit of bias on my part because Erza is my favorite female character in Fairy Tail, it is quite obvious that she deserves a place in the top ten strongest characters, as all characters who have heard of her name are afraid of her. greatly. After countless missions and her Requipping magic that houses her different swords and armor, Erza has made a name for herself in most, if not all, guilds. Her strong sense of justice and ethics leads her to protect those important to her and those who are innocent. Her desire to do the right thing makes it easy for her to recognize what is valuable and what is not.

    It is no secret that Erza does not know who her biological parents are, and we certainly know that she was thrown into a kind of concentration camp, where children her age, as well as people in her old age, were put to the test in experiments. . Having such a dark past led her to develop a sense of protectionism over anyone she loves, which is ultimately what gives her the strength and title of Titania, making her a truly terrifying but still admirable enemy – she doesn’t fight to win, she fights to protect, which distinguishes her from her enemies and makes her unique.

    7. Jellal Fernandes

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters
    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    A former member of the Magic Council, it is natural for us to think that Jellal is considerably one of the strongest. As we know, he originally had an identity called Siegrain, which was, in a word, evil. In essence, he desired the destruction of the members of the Fairy Tail guild, and while working on the Magic Council as a cover for his illegal crimes, no one was able to realize that until later. He was scheming, manipulative, and some of him just yells Intimidating! Like Minerva, Jellal / Siegrain uses manipulation as a tactic to establish fear and gain power so that people do not question their actions.

    Being a member of the Magic Council is not enough to call Jellal strong, in this case. During the Nirvana arc, he is revealed to have lost his memory of his actions, even though he is known to have committed crimes that he cannot recall. At this moment, we feel absolute sadness for his character, and when the portal of Nirvana that was supposed to commit suicide opens, we really learn what his strength is.

    His personality is the type that carries many burdens and blames himself as responsible for his mistakes, similar to Erza, leading him to develop a sense of justice that is gentle, but firm. Coming from a situation similar to Erza’s it is no wonder why he is strong. Without her past, Jellal couldn’t be as strong as she is now.

    6. Laxus Dreyar

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters
    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    Grandson of the third Fairy Tail guild master, Laxus is known among guild members as someone monstrously strong, and with an appearance like his, who doesn’t find him terrifying? With the title of dragon slayer, he has most of the people in the Fairy Tail universe trembling. Of course, Laxus is only a second-generation Dragon Slayer, which gives him a disadvantage. However, he still possesses a considerable amount of magic power within him, which essentially means that he can exude as much magic as he pleases. Being a Lightning Dragon Slayer is already intimidating enough.

    When Laxus was first introduced, he had been perceived as cocky and arrogant, which is totally contradictory to the members of Fairy Tail and thus possibly making you hate him. When he disrespects Makarov and proclaims himself the strongest of the Alliance, he angers Natsu, and there is a clear rivalry between the two that simmers. Ultimately, his brute strength is on par with Natsu’s, and anyone who challenges him to fight is definitely going to lose and walk away with his tail between his legs.

    5. Natsu Dragneel

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    You surely did not think that the protagonist of Fairy Tail would become one of the ten strongest characters! From the first episode, we see that Natsu is simply a freak of nature. Known for being destructive, eating and breathing fire, and having a blue cat that goes with him everywhere, Natsu is the type of character no one wants to get in trouble with. He was introduced to the series having a title known to all as ” Salamander “, it is quite clear that he has caused enough uproar for people to give him a nickname. Not only that, but he is very protective of his guild and his friends. which makes him a fearsome enemy.

    At this point in the anime, it is quite obvious that of the three first-generation Dragon Slayers, Natsu can be considered the strongest. Determined to protect all the people he values, as well as determined to become a thousand times stronger, it is not so surprising that many enemies outside the guild know his name and want to fight him. Never turning down a challenge, Natsu usually wins his fights not because he knows how strong he is, but because he relies on the strength that his loved ones give him.

    4. Makarov Dreyar

    Fairy Tail Anime Characters

    A member of the Ten Wizard Saints, as well as Fiore’s strongest guild master, Makarov, though originally small and seemingly fragile, he is actually very dangerous. Many of the strongest characters in Fairy TailThey received their titles through brute force, and while Makarov is physically strong, he too has ideas that do justice to his own desires, which is what makes his guild members admire and love him. Normally, characters with a strong sense of justice have the need to protect their loved ones, for him, those people are the same people that his enemies underestimate. Once you meet a character like Makarov, it is wise to be careful!

    While the anime has had many opportunities for Makarov to shine, I feel like the best moment was when he, along with the S-Class Wizard candidates, when they were in Tenroujima. When the lives of the people he refers to as his children are threatened, Makarov jumps in to protect them. This specific moment is what defines Makarov’s character and strength. Without him, the very essence of the Fairy Tail Guild would feel empty.

    3. Gildarts Clive

    Who in their right mind could accuse Gildarts Clive of being weak when he has destructive magic? Being able to take on any form of matter and destroy it is something anyone should fear, they wouldn’t think twice about destroying whoever gets in their way. Caramba! His overall appearance is one that intimidates others, though of course for characters like Natsu, he regards him as someone to train and improve himself. Natsu, who is considered a prodigy in terms of strength due to the origins of his magic, was not able to defeat Gildarts in a fight – and Gildarts doesn’t even have to try to fight the boy.

    It is also a known fact that Makarov had asked Gildarts to become the next guild master after him, in case something were to happen. Naturally, the ones who are chosen to lead the Fairy Tail guild are those who are not only strong but who have a strong sense of family and would put their lives on the line for their peers. For whatever reason, Gildarts gave up his guild leader title and gave it back to Makarov, before continuing his journey in the S-Class jobs.

    2. Jura Neekis

    Also a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jura is said to have had incredible strength during the GMGs. Being an expert in earth magic may not seem like a big deal, especially when compared to Dragon Slayer magic, but if you play with the elements, this should be enough of an indication of how much strength really comes along with this kind of power. Jura is someone that most of the characters fear, simply because of his patience and ability to calculate a situation under pressure.

    When we confront Hoteye in the Prayer Six arc, her enemy asks her if she thinks that earth magic that melts is stronger, or one that hardens is stronger. In response, Jura tells his opponent that, “the quality of the magic itself is immaterial. He who has the strongest conviction will always prevail.” It is obvious that he does not appear constantly in the story, but the times that he does, you know that his enemies will not do well at all.

    1. Zeref

    It’s not that surprising, but it’s hard to think of a character in the entire series who is stronger than Zeref, especially since all the other villains have been defeated. When this villain was officially introduced in the Tenroujima arc, it confuses us because he starts crying when he sees Natsu. Naturally, this also confuses the characters, so that’s why it’s incredibly scary when he’s brought out his dragon, Acnologia. Suddenly, no one knows what to do or how to defeat him! The characters who were on the island at that time were surprised by the amount of energy that Zeref has, and they were afraid of the consequences they would have if they lost that battle.

    At that point in the anime, Zeref’s demons had entered the plot. In essence, the reason for the existence of these demons is that they can ultimately revive or kill you. There have not been any characters in Fairy Tail where his life is being hampered by various factors, and the fact that there are specific demons that were created for the sole purpose of killing Zeref is enough to tell how terrible he really is.


    Although a bit unconventional, the Fairy Tail series has created characters that cannot be compared to any other series! Surely, the more you watch, the more the strength of each individual character is highlighted as they grow into admirable people in the eyes of fans. But hey, isn’t that the point of the anime and manga Shounen?

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