10 Best Anime Animal Characters

Anime Animal Characters, Did you ever imagine what life would be like for some characters without the presence of their pet? We couldn’t do it. In most stories in which there is an animal companion, removing it would create a void that is impossible to fill, even though the human characters may have exceptional qualities.

Pets represent innocence in their purest form. They are living tenderness, unconditional fidelity and sometimes possess an intelligence that surpasses ours. As in the myth of the better half that is generated from lovers, the same happens between an animal and its owner. An indestructible bond is created with a connection that is difficult to explain. Both correspond and neither could be supplanted in the eyes of the other.

In this list, we are going to see ourselves surrounded by animals, from those that are ordinary to some that are gifted. If you love pets, you probably won’t be able to stay cool reading about these adorable creatures.

10. Nagoya from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Anime Animal Characters
Anime Animal Characters

Nagoya is Haru Yoshida’s pet. Its physical characteristics are similar to those of any rooster: black eyes, red crest and chin, white feathers, and a yellow beak; but what makes it different is the great affection it generated in several of the characters in the series. At first, he had several homes. When Haru found him one day near the road, he decided to take him to school, hiding him, and they discovered him.

As a result, he was forbidden to have him in the establishment, and so Sasayan offered to take care of him. But there was a small inconvenience: the house cat was very scared when he saw Nagoya and he unfortunately again was left with nowhere to go. Later, Saeko Ninomiya had the brilliant idea for the rooster to live on the school grounds (with the proper consent of the institution) and they all built a chicken coop. From that, Haru every morning visits and feeds him, and Nagoya seems to be really happy.

9. Pen Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime Animal Characters
Anime Animal Characters

Pen Pen is the coolest penguin you could ever meet, not only for his funky outfit but also for his fun-loving personality. He lives with his owner Misato Katsuragi. He was born thanks to a series of genetic investigations by Misato’s father and belongs to an intelligent species that has the ability to survive in warm waters.

He also has some curious tastes and bad habits that he copied from his owners, such as drinking beer, eating curries, and spending hours in the bathtub. Regarding the latter, Pen Pen stars in a very funny scene that occurs when Shinji, who had just moved into Misato’s, tries to take a bath and is surprised to see the penguin relaxed in the bathtub.

The boy runs naked towards Misato and, after she calms him down, flushes away. Later on, a similar scene occurs with Asuka, but instead of being embarrassed, she throws a flying kick at Shinji for seeing her naked.

8. Clannad Botan

Anime Animal Characters
Anime Animal Characters

Botan is a very pretty baby boar that constantly emits a very particular sound: “ puhi-puhi ” and accompanies the funniest scenes in the series. She is Kyou’s pet and loves spending time with her owner, even sometimes trying to enter the institute clandestinely to see her.

But the same is not the case with the twin, Ryou. Botan is afraid of him because one day he tried to put her in the bathtub with hot water and thought he wanted to cook her. In fact, in the series, many jokes about eating it to provoke Kyou.

The boar has a number of ultra-effective abilities. It can, for example, become rigid to look like a stuffed animal, or roll its whole body like a ball to be used as a projectile, and even make itself soft so that its owner can use it as a pillow. Not only is it adorable, but it’s really useful.

7. Muco from Lovely Muuuuuuuuco!

Anime Animal Characters
Anime Animal Characters

See Muco, a brown dog with white spots and pink ears, who lives in the mountains with her owner Komatsu. She enjoys life a lot, eating and playing until she becomes naughty and disobedient at times.

She is very expressive with her feelings and sometimes gets angry and jealous of Komatsu. We can access her thoughts since all the time she manifests what happens to her or happens around her. They will find themselves in many funny situations and they will enjoy all the adventures in which this cute little dog is involved.

6. Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Anime Animal Characters
Anime Animal Characters

Jiji is a very wise black cat who teaches his partner Kiki, a thirteen-year-old witch, to walk through life. It is a funny, sarcastic pet with a rather sharp tongue, although at times it can become a bit pessimistic. Between him and the girl, there is a very special connection that allows them to understand each other.

They both grew up together and are bound together under a very strong bond. This cool cat works as an advisor to his owner. It gives her the necessary warnings to help her become independent and have the ability to function alone in the city, interacting healthily with other people. Through many adventures and learnings, Jiji helps Kiki grow and mature.

5. Lucy’s dog from Elfen Lied

Anime Animal Characters

Pets can be counted among the most innocent creatures we can find. Although not always, most of the time they are defenseless beings who trust in our protection and care and who, in return, give themselves body and soul to us. For this reason, the fact that something tragic can happen to them is one of the greatest injustices in the world. But some people can be very dark beings with no respect for life, and when they come across an innocent creature, they seek to corrupt it and take their frustration out on it.

Sadly, that’s what happens to Lucy’s pet in Elfen Lied. As a child, Lucy was a lonely girl who, because of her diclonius horns, felt very far from other boys and spent most of her time alone. But finding a defenseless puppy changed. He came to transmit to her the warmth that other people could not give her. Lucy kept it a secret until it became difficult to care for him on her own.

Then he confided the secret to a fellow orphanage. It was a big mistake. The heartless boys who enjoyed teasing Lucy found out and carried out in front of the girl a brutal scene that caused her to lose all her innocence and part of her sanity. After that, all traces of light were lost in his life for a long time.

4. Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Anime Animal Characters

In this great futuristic classic series, you will be amazed to see Ein, a Welsh Corgi dog, with an unusual intelligence (his name probably even has to do with Einstein).

A lab beefed up his intelligence and turned him into a data dog. He has tons of skills that will surprise you, such as driving, answering the phone, and even some hacking skills. He is unable to speak but created his own language to communicate with Ed, his partner, by barking.

Bark once for yes and twice for no. He also loves to play games of chess with her and sometimes gets into funny situations like, for example, the time when she ate mushrooms and started to hop around. We would all like to be accompanied by this extraordinary dog ​​that at times shows human expressions and feelings.

3. Chi from Chi s Sweet Home

In this series, we will see Chi, the adorable and sentimental kitten that we all wish we had. She is the protagonist of the story and I assure you that she will conquer you. At the beginning of the episode, we are going to see her walking happily through the streets accompanied by her family, but at one point she gets distracted and gets lost.

So she looks everywhere for her mom, feeling very helpless. When she is about to lose all hope, a boy meets her in the square and takes her home. She is very fond of Chi, but the apartment does not allow pets, and has to find a new home for her. Throughout the series, they will find the hilarious adventures of this kitten that will generate not only laughter but also great doses of tenderness.

2. Raigomaru and Jibeta from True Tears

Raigomaru and Jibeta are two roosters who live on the grounds of the school that Shinichiro Nakagami attends, and they couldn’t be more different from each other. The first, dark in color, spends his days outside the henhouse and looking at the sky, longing. That is why Isurigi Noe, a strange and imaginative girl who spends much of her time with them, tells Shinichiro that she is convinced that Raigomaru wants and can fly and that she is only waiting for the right moment to do so. And that Jibeta, in white, is just an ordinary chicken who does nothing more than stay inside the hen house and worry about the things that are on the ground.

Shinichiro gets to know Noe better and comes to understand how much those two roosters represent to her, but then something tragic happens: Raigomaru appears dead from an animal attack, while Jibeta is still alive and safe by staying inside the chicken coop.

At one point, Shinichiro creates an illustrated story for Noe that tells of the two roosters. In it (which, by the way, can be seen separately in the special True Tears: Raigomaru to Jibeta no Monogatari ) he tells a fictional story where Raigomaru wishes to fly but is overtaken by Jibeta, who takes his idea and throws himself into the air. in front of the other chickens in search of recognition. But he fails and crashes to the ground. Then Raigomaru discovers that his true motives for touching the sky have nothing to do with fame, but something that is ingrained in his heart. And it is thrown off the cliff with open wings.

1. Daru from Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything flows

In this series of only four chapters, made by Makoto Shinkai Based on his short film of the same name, you will see the lives of two inseparable companions. The story is told from the point of view of Daru the cat. At first, it narrates when they are both grown up and Miyu, the protagonist, desperately looks for another job to be able to face the expenses of the apartment alone.

Later we will see the story of Daru since he was a baby and was adopted by Miyu’s mother until he grows up and becomes an adult cat. Daru has a natural empathy towards his owner, he can feel the emptiness that she suffers beyond the fact that they speak different languages. He loves her and is her faithful companion. In this series, you see an unjust, cruel world, in which no matter how hard you try, there will always be difficulties, but Miyu is fortunate to have a pet that always cares for and helps her, and that she spends her time watching over him. the internal world of its owner. In addition to a beautiful story of unconditional love, growth, and the road to maturity, you will also be able to appreciate a beautiful animation.

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