10 Best Naruto Anime Characters

Naruto Anime Characters, While Sakura’s love for Sasuke has always been clear, Sasuke’s love for her was a little less obvious. If Sasuke had the ability to meet other anime characters outside of Naruto’s world, there is a chance that he would find someone who was better for him than his pink-haired wife.

10. Elizabeth Midford

Naruto Anime Characters
Naruto Anime Characters

Lizzie is a strong and vigorous character. He has a tendency to try to bend others to his will. Sasuke could use a strong hand as he can be indecisive at times. Elizabeth has a certain ability to fight with a sword, although she would need a lot of training to keep up with Sasuke. No matter how much training he received, he could never face someone like Kaguya. Still, Elizabeth could take on a useful supporting role in Sasuke’s travels.

9. Ashido Mine

Naruto Anime Characters
Naruto Anime Characters

If Sasuke Likes Sakura’s hair, then he will absolutely like Mina Ashido. Mina is a cheerful person. Mina is almost the opposite of Sasuke. She is more open and friendly. Unlike Sasuke, she is not a very good student. She could provide the balance for Sasuke’s broader nature. Mina could perhaps inspire Sasuke to relaxing more and have a little more funny in life.

The character in My Hero Academia has a special ability. Your body produces poison. This ability could be useful in the world of the shinobi.

8. Emilia

Naruto Anime Characters
Naruto Anime Characters

Emilia is the protagonist of Re: Zero. She is half herself in the race to become the next king. She is considered beautiful, but her appearance makes her an outcast.

She is a very caring and considerate person. She could take care of Sasuke, especially when he’s out of town. She maybe she would inspire Sasuke to take better care of himself. Emilia and Sasuke are not very open, which can make communication difficult.

7. Olivier Armstrong

Olivier Armstrong is a strong and dominant woman. She is a high-ranking member of the military and is known for her no-nonsense posture. She could adapt well to Konoha’s military culture.

She would have had not compassion for a teenage Sasuke. She would look at him as a traitor. However, She would perfectly understand her need to be away from the village for long periods of time.

6. Mikasa Ackerman

Naruto Anime Characters
Naruto Anime Characters

Mikasa is a warrior from Attack on Titan. Like Sasuke, she is an orphan. She and Sasuke have similar personalities. Both were jubilant in their childhood but retired after the murder of their parents.

She is a ruthless fighter and has trained with the army of her realm. She will be able to understand Sasuke’s actions in his past, as well as support him in his efforts to protect the village as an adult. Sasuke will also be able to understand Mikasa with all the similarities between them.

5. Winry Rockbell

Winry and Sakura find themselves in similar circumstances. Ed, Winry’s childhood sweetheart, is forced to leave Winry to find answers in the outside world. Sasuke left Sakura in search of revenge.

Winry will be more suited to Sasuke than Sakura. Winry is more understanding and understanding than Sakura. Winry won’t complain. She was going to let Sasuke go do what he needed to do. Sasuke will appreciate his calmer personality. It’s less insistent, after all.

4. Kikyo

Naruto Anime Characters
Naruto Anime Characters

Kikyo was a priestess of the Inuyasha series. When he fell in love with the main character, he ended up dying as a result. If he had the chance to fall in love with someone else, he would have been able to live his life.

Kikyo is a tough character, a good fighter with a bow and arrow. Like Sasuke, he spends a lot of time traveling. It could have been an asset to Taka. Sasuke appreciated her calmer and calmer nature.

3. Ami Mizuno

Naruto Anime Characters

Ami warrior and guardian. He is a genius and a member of the Scouts. Ami is calm, calm and compassionate person. You will get along with Sasuke. I would appreciate his reasoning because he was such a good student himself.

Amy may not have understood it when Sasuke was a traitor, but she would turn her back on him in a fight. Although his powers are not usually offensive, he has amazing analytical skills in battle. Ami and Sasuke will make a strong team.

2. Android 18

Android 18 and Sasuke are very similar characters. She is a strong and skilled fighter. She is confident in her ability as a fighter, just like Sasuke. While spending a portion of Dragon Ball Z as a villain, she faces an arc of redemption. You will definitely understand that Sasuke regretted his past.

The two would be a strong couple. Together they would be a huge advantage for Konoha, especially her ability to fly, as this is something rarely seen in the Naruto world.

1. Hinata Hyuga

Fans loved putting Sasuke and Naruto together as a couple; However, the two have always enjoyed a more fraternal relationship. This is not surprising because they are the re-creation of two brothers. While Hinata broke up with Naruto, Sasuke would have been a better match.

Both are good students from prominent Konoha families. His calm nature complements Sasuke’s aloof personality. They both have Genkai kiki that will be interesting to incorporate into future generations. Although Hinata is not the strongest character, her kindness and tenderness will appeal to Sasuke.

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