20 Best Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Unlike many other anime hair colors, pink hair has become more prevalent and has a slight change in meaning. In the early days of anime, pink hair was much rarer. It was used for children’s characters as a way to personify their innocence.

    … But then came the moe.

    The advent of the shift towards more moe sensibilities in anime also came with a marked increase in pink hair color. Pink hair was still used to show the innocence of an anime character, but showing her childlike nature faded away. After all, when all your characters act like cute kids, you can’t just give them pink hair. Now, along with innocence, you see it in characters who are not the brightest, they are very naive, but they try very hard, very hard at what they do. As a high-energy color, you can also expect some high-energy characters to use it.

    So who are our picks for those who best personify pink hair in anime these days?

    1. Lucy de Elfen Lied

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Lucy is not the only one of her race who has pink hair, but it is quite appropriate for both her and Nana to have it. They were both innocent children at one time, but due to their powers, they had to endure a life of hardship and suffering. However, they still have that childlike nature within them. For Lucy, it manifests in her Nyu personality.

    2. Natsu from Fairy Tail

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    As a fire mage, it seems alright for Natsu to have reddish hair, but pink was also quite an interesting option. There is no denying that Natsu is not the most intelligent character in Fairy Tail, but he tries hard in everything he does and is the pinnacle of energy and endless fighting. Perhaps pink hair, rather than red, was the right choice.

    3. Madoka by Madoka Magica

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Madoka is your classic pink-haired moe character. He is kind, gentle, not too bright, childish, and innocent. To give people that false sense of security at the beginning of Madoka Magica, the main character needed to look like the magical girl from your moe textbook. However, hair color is very significant in Madoka Magica. Almost all the characters personify the characteristics of their particular hair color, including Madoka, until the very end.

    4. Renzo from Blue Exorcist

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Overall, the Exwires are a pretty intense and serious bunch in Blue Exorcist, so this makes the easy-going Renzo the most laid-back with ease. He’s a pretty laid-back guy and his pink hair is a good indication that he’s going to fill something of a best friend buddy role on the show and add some much-needed airiness to any scene.

    5. Zero’s Familiar Louise

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Louise is presented simply as terrible. She is the worst at magic and just plain dumb. As a nobleman, he has an air of superiority over others, but despite this, he has a very pure heart. Combine that with her petite, childlike body, and her pink hair looks pretty good on her.

    6. Shihou from Seraph of the End

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    On the outside, Shihou is stubborn, but a great student overall, being one of the first to obtain his cursed weapons. This makes him quick enough to get mad at people like Yuichiro who didn’t work as hard as him but has a main character enhancer style. However, her pink hair starts to make more sense when she shows off her softer side. In particular, he cares for his teammates, but he cares for his sister above all else, which motivates him a lot to protect her.

    7. Sakura from Naruto

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Sakura is perhaps one of the worst fighters in the Naruto world, even after her training. However, other than that, her pink hair looks good on her. Sakura never gave up on any of her friends, even Sasuke, who got pretty mean for a while there, but she always believed in him. Whether it’s blind loyalty or sheer naivety, her pink hair is quite appropriate. Of course, maybe they just gave her pink hair to complement her name.

    8. Ryuu from Cute High Defense Club Love

    Pink hair AND pulled back with a headband? Everything about Ryuu immediately screams playful and flirtatious, and that’s what it is. Not as cool as ever cheerful. He’s a magical boy series, so they’re all like that, but his appearance alone makes it easy to tell what kind of character he is.

    9. Zero two from Darling in the Franxx

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Oh, zero two. At first, she’s mysterious, seductive, and maybe even vaguely evil. However, as the series progresses, you get that true pink-haired nature out of her. He is sometimes insensitive to everyone except his beloved, but he has an innocent and playful side other than the one people just fell in love with.

    10. Tomoya from Rainbow Days

    Pink Hair Anime Characters
    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    For boys, pink hair can also be an indication that they are overly flirtatious, and that’s the case with Mattsun. While he acts like an attractive and flirtatious narcissist, he is also very affectionate. He cares deeply for his little sister, and when he falls in love, his flirtatious attitude towards other women also wanes. He becomes another kind and friendly pink-haired man.

    11. Moka from Rosario + Vampire

    Despite being a vampire and having a more hardcore vampire personality within her, Moka in her normal form is still one of the most innocent characters in the series. Her sweet nature and childlike innocence quickly make her the show’s main love interest. Also, as more girls show up, you might notice that Moka isn’t the brightest bulb either.

    12. Kisumi from Free

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Kisumi is quite an interesting case. Her pink hair is appropriate because of how cheerful and talkative she is, but you may notice that it can streak on the reddish side. This could indicate his tendency to inadvertently insult people because he’s a bit more direct than the average bear. However, that also works with the pink tint because it has a certain innocence compared to other characters and their various complexes.

    13. Yui from Angel Beats

    Yui is the personification of bubbly. She is so energetic, talkative, and spasmodically switches between excited and angry that you might even have found her horribly annoying. Of course, you learn that she has a very good reason to act this way in relation to how she died (not a spoiler, everyone in Angel Beats is dead.) She is small and childish, but again, there is a good reason for her. ultra annoying attitude.

    14. Shuichi from Gravitation

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Pink hair will always look good on Shuichi. Some may see it as a style choice because he is a performer, but it really only lends itself to his innocence and naivety. Gravitation is quite a show about young Shuichi being prowled by the older blonde novelist. Innocence plays a huge role in the show, and Shuichi is the poster boy.

    15. Mine from Akame ga Kill

    1Everybody loves a pink-haired tsundere. Although Mine is quite rough on the outside, at least to Tatsumi, she has a kind heart and cares deeply for everyone in Night Raid. Unfortunately, when those feelings come to light, they come out in the most heartbreaking way. As a petite little girl, her pink hair gives her a more childish air, but she’s actually quite mature.

    16. Crona from Soul Eater

    Crona was difficult to place on this list due to gender (as we alternate between boys and girls), but that doesn’t change that he or she belongs here. Crona remains childish and hurt for the most part due to her horrible upbringing. It is difficult to become a functional person with a psychopath for a mother and a powerful weapon constantly in the ear. However, while he/she does bad things, there is a clear kind heart, similar to that of a child, that causes a great deal of internal conflict.

    17. Yuno from Future Diary

    Pink Hair Anime Characters

    Yuno is a legendary yandere, and it feels even more chilling because of how innocent and childish she is. She sees love from the eyes of a child and her actions are impulsive like a child’s. Is the man you love too close to his friends? Kill his friends! Do you want me to love you forever? It left him to brain dead! It’s all very basic problem solving, but Yuno’s difficult upbringing and past have twisted his mind to such a childish state.

    18. Kuroyuri by 07-GHost

    Everything from that pink hair to her small size makes Kuroyuri look very childish and innocent. However, he has a vicious streak that really undermines that. Even when he punishes lawbreakers, he likes to play with them like a child playing with dolls. Not all pink-haired characters are bubbly, but even when they are cruel and violent, they are still very childish.

    19. Yuki from School Live

    Oh, Yuki. Your tender fragile soul. If you fell into the trap thinking School Live was just another school life moe show by not finishing the first episode, you missed it. Yuki, Moe’s main character who is always energetic and kind, is actually a broken girl trapped in a world of her own delusions. He just couldn’t bear the violence and death around him, so he retreated inside.

    20. Gowther from Seven Deadly Sins

    Who knew that under all that armor was the real Gowther, the pink-haired man. While the Gowther that most people see is a bit dead on the inside and unemotional on the outside, in the past he is seen as a character much more appropriate to his hair color. In flashbacks, he is shown bubbly and playful, but after a variety of feelings surfaced, he changed. They can’t hurt you if you close your heart!

    Do we miss your favorite manic pixie or the kind gentleman with pink hair? Tell us all about them in the comment section below.

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