Jujutsu Kaisen: Cosplay explores what Sukuna’s possession would look like on Gojou Satoru

We think it’s not a good idea for them to be together, but they look amazing.

Gojou as a Sukuna user? | Source: MAPPA

One of the anime that has gained popularity in recent years, Jujutsu Kaisen, continues to be successful and its long-awaited film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has generated great excitement among its fans and that it will arrive in December.

In the anime, we also witness the curses that haunt humanity, including Sukuna, who is in Itadori’s body, but we wonder what possession would look like in another body other than one of the sorcerers, as this cosplay has answered that question.

Gojou Satoru ate Sukuna’s fingers

As we know in Jujutsu Kaisen, cursed objects or better known as Sukuna’s fingers are found all over Japan, since in that way they were able to stop him, but some of them have caused havoc among humans, however, it seems that the sorcerer The stronger the user who harbors the curse has become and this is what it looks like.

Source: Instagram @ stevie.ryu

It is thanks to the cosplayer, Stevie Ryu, that instead of Itadoru, it is Gojou Satoru who is in charge of being the Sukuna user, although it is only very well elaborated makeup, it is an incredible aspect, between the hair color and eyes of the sorcerer, with the characteristic tattoos of the curse. However, we do not know what result the combination of these two powerful forces would have.

Source: Instagram @ stevie.ryu

The artist with his Instagram photographs makes it clear that Gojou is one of the most powerful beings among the sorcerers, so he could be the right user to contain Sukuna, in the case in some future Itadori will be missing from history. by Jujustu Kaisen.

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