Dragon Ball Super: New chapter of the manga shows how Goku knows about his father Bardock

The Dragon Ball Super manga is at a quite culminating moment and it is that after the battle of Vegeta and Goku against Granolla, in which Monaito appears, who reveals a great truth. However, we know that Goku never finds out about anything, but we had never taken into account that our favorite Saiyan never knew anything about his parents or his origins.

Goku finally hears his father’s name |┬áSource: Toei Animation

Through Twitter, the user DBS Chronicles shows how Goku had no knowledge about Bardock and his mother until now, and this is how they show the progress of chapter 77 of the manga. It should be noted that you already know the story of Goku, but in this new chapter, we can finally see how the protagonist hears his father’s name for the first time.

Let’s recap a bit of what happens before this, because the last thing in the manga is when Granolla was about to annihilate Goku and Vegeta, his adoptive grandfather, Monaito appears to ask him to stop, since his hatred of the Saiyans was unfounded and is when it reveals the truth. One of them saved him from the genocide on Planet Cereal 40 years ago.

It is here when the Namek begins to tell the story of Bardock, how he left him, Granola, and his mother alive, as well as helping them to safety, which caused the Saiyan to get into trouble for it. Meanwhile, a flashback appears that could indicate that it has to do with Gine, partner, and mother of Goku and the newborn Kakarotto.

Monaito turned to Goku, who was struck by the resemblance between him and his father, but a new vignette shows that the hero has no idea what they are talking about, making it clear that he does not know much about the Saiyans or because he grew up in the Earth.

Vegeta, who is also present, intervenes and confirms to Goku that his father’s name is Bardock, while Monaito assures that Goku inherited his father’s goodness, something like a weakness for a Saiyan, but that said goodness has helped. to humanity on Earth.

Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga will be released on October 20 to the world through the MangaPlus platform.

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