Sailor Scouts prove to be beautiful and magical in amazing fan arts

The anime series Sailor Moon has been one of the most popular of all time, since its premiere in the nineties, it especially inspired many women because our heroines protected the humanity of planet Earth from evil beings, but What has not surprised us the most is how our Sailor Scouts are beautiful.

We like these versions of Sailor Moon a lot | Source: Toei Animation

The artist Ledahavasi shared a series of illustrations in which we can appreciate each of the main Sailor Scouts, which were beautifully portrayed and are worthy of possessing incredible magic to protect the Earth.

Sailor Moon as magical princesses
Usagi Tsukino reflects being a princess, with those bows in her long hair that characterize her, while blue eyes peek out, at the same time that her prism tries to transform her into what she is, a guardian who fights for love and justice.

Sailor Moon | Source: Instagram @ledahavasi

Ami Mizuno is also shown as a princess, with a cute blue makeup that matches her hair, while her prism reflects the power she has to control the water and transforms her into Sailor Mercury, one of the most intelligent guardians.

Sailor Mercury | Source: Instagram @ledahavasi

Rei Hino, who is one of the most beautiful girls, proves to be a princess capable of controlling fire and her powerful gaze reflects it, while her prism shows her ability to transform her into Sailor Mars, a powerful guardian.

Sailor Mars | Source: Instagram @ledahavasi

Makoto Kino, who has enchanted us with her beauty and kindness, is reflected as a princess with beautiful green eyes, but despite being kind, she is one of the strong girls who seek to fight for what is fair and her prism makes us see that is worthy of being Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter | Source: Instagram @ledahavasi

Minako Aino, without a doubt, is represented as someone beautiful since her beautiful blue eyes also make us believe that she is a princess, and like her prism, she makes it very clear that she is Sailor Venus, that guardian who fights for love and beauty.

Sailor Venus | Source: Instagram @ledahavasi

It is not the first time that Sailor Moon is taken as inspiration to recreate different illustrations, in which they show the power and beauty that each one has. Ledahavasi certainly did an excellent job with our favorite Sailor Scouts.

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