Dragon Ball Z scriptwriter reveals Buu is the strongest in the anime

    This version of Buu might be the most powerful.

    Could it be the strongest version? | Source: Toei Animation

    The Dragon Ball Z saga has a large number of villains, among which Freeza is one of the most popular, however, others like Buu have won the hearts of anime fans, who even consider that when he first appeared, it was the best arc ever. Therefore, one of the writers of the series revealed which version of this villain is the strongest.

    It’s about Takao Koyama, who worked as a writer on Dragon Ball Z from 1989 to 1996 when the series ended, so he worked during the Majin Buu arc. Given this, he took the opportunity to answer a Dragon Ball fan about who was the strongest Buu and he commented:

    “Majin Buu, who absorbed Ultimate Gohan, is perhaps the strongest of all. My favorite Buu is the first one, but the fat Buu, he is very charming, ”he shared.

    It is clear that Koyama’s opinion indicates that Buu’s form after absorbing Gohan is the strongest, if we remember, this transformation is when we see Buu with part of the outfit of Goku’s son. Faced with this revelation, many of the fans agreed with what the writer said, however, there is still a debate about which Buu is the strongest.

    It is a fact that Buu’s character alone is quite powerful, but if you put him together with Gohan, who is even stronger, he becomes someone supreme, we can even remember that Buu went through several changes before absorbing the Saiyan.

    However, the decision to know that Buu is the most powerful should correspond to the creator of the entire Dragon Ball franchise, Akira Toriyama. Who is the strongest Buu for you?

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