My Hero Academia: Fanart imagines Midoriya as a demon hunter from Kimetsu no Yaiba

    This version of Deku is ready to face the demons.

    This version of Midoriya will enchant you | Source: Ufotable / TOHO Animation

    After the end of the fifth season of My Hero Academia and the announcement of the production of the sixth, fans are looking forward to one of the most anticipated battles within the anime, however, the second season of Kimetsu is currently on air. Yaiba, but there is little left for the premiere of his new arc. Therefore, with these two popular franchises, an incredible fanart was made.

    The interest that fans have had in these two series, caused an artist to draw Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia with the costume of a demon hunter, yes, like the ones that appear in Kimetsu no Yaiba, from what he revealed. a great crossover of these anime.

    Midoriya with One For All ready to hunt demons
    Through Instagram, the artist Your Drawing Pineapple shared a fanart in which Izuku Midoriya aka Deku can be seen as a demon hunter from the Taisho Era in Japan while wearing what appears to be a colored cape. green.

    Meanwhile, he would have a 45% mastery of One For All and could face the powerful demonic moons or any demons that are put in front of him, although he would still have to learn some breathing techniques to face Muzan Kibutsuji.

    This version of Midoriya has some adjustments but has certain similarities to Kamado Tanjiro, such as the shape of his hair, eyes, and even his suit, except that Deku, has a small hood over the demon hunter uniform. The artist named this version ‘The Sutekina Obebe’.

    Deku as a demon hunter would be a quite powerful rival for any demons, however, as we already mentioned, we do not know what kind of breathing technique he would be training by having a power like that of One For All. What did you think of this version of Deku?

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