Team 7 reunites again in this hilarious Naruto Shippuden cosplay

Team 7 returns to solve more missions.

Team 7 is back | Source: Fuji TV

Even though the Naruto story has already concluded with the Naruto Shippuden anime, it is a fact that we would like to see Team 7 formed again and although we see them together in Boruto, all the fans want to see them during the events before the Fourth Ninja War. , but carrying out missions for the Hidden Village of the Leaf.

It is a fact that the work of Masashi Kishimoto still keeps a new generation of ninjas active, but most will never be able to forget the past and especially Team 7 , that is why a cosplay group revived them and we can certainly see that they are they have fun like when they were younger.

A nostalgic reunion of team 7
Through Instagram, the cosplayer Inka_cosplay_ met with her friends Morti_cosplay and Kiyoshi_cosplay, who took a series of photographs recreating the costumes of these characters such as Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke , respectively, so we can see that they took advantage of the natural settings to bring us a fun and nostalgic version of these ninjas.

Source: Instagram @inka_cosplay_

We can see how Naruto , Sasuke and Sakura enjoy a beautiful moment in the surroundings of the village, waiting for a mission, so they do not hesitate to have fun before the delay of their sensei , Kakashi Hatake , the leader of the team and that before his absence, they decide to kill time.

Source: Instagram @inka_cosplay_

Finally they did not have a mission, they enjoyed the moment together, where there were no rivalries (you know between Naruto and Sasuke) and in this brief return in time, they had a great time, however, they must continue training before the facts that we already know thanks to Akatsuki .

Seeing this cosplay completely reminded us of the Naruto Shippuden era and makes us suppose what would have happened if Sasuke had not left the Village in search of more power, in order to face his brother to take revenge on his clan. What did you think of this reunion?

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