10 Best Anime Pet Characters

Check with us today, the best Pets of Animes! Soon, several characters stand out in the series for all the charisma and entertainment they bring. With that, the pets are the ones that stand out with all their cuteness and eccentric personality. So, it was with this in mind that we decided to bring this super list to you. Now, without further ado, let’s go to the list:

10. Pen Pen

Anime Pet Characters

First, let’s start with this little guy who didn’t stand out much in the work, but still is super cute and different. Soon, Pen Pen is a hot water penguin and spends his days living together with Misato. In fact, it’s a lot of fun to see scenes of him taking a shower or watching television, making Evangelion’s work a little more relaxed.

9. Kyubey

Anime Pet Characters
Anime Pet Characters

Now, let’s remember one of Madoka’s main characters. In that way, Kyubey is very cute, but at times he appears to be quite scary. Furthermore, he is responsible for granting wishes to the girls, in exchange for them to fight the witches.

8. Timcanpy

Anime Pet Characters
Anime Pet Characters

This one is a special Golem that is always helping our protagonist Allen. Therefore, he is a little childish, but always very helpful and helpful. By the way, it’s worth mentioning his physical characteristics, which make him a completely non-standard pet.

7. Akamaru

Anime Pet Characters
Anime Pet Characters

And here, who doesn’t remember Kiba’s inseparable friend? Therefore, Akamaru is not only his best friend but also a strong ally in battle. Also, watching him grow was a lot of fun, from a small puppy to a large and very powerful dog.

6. Hawk

Anime Pet Characters

And speaking of pets, let’s not forget this super fun guy. Thus, Hawk is one of the funniest characters in Nanatsu for speaking his mind and always showing enviable self-esteem. In this way, he is a companion of Meliodas and is in charge of eating the remains of the tavern.

5. Kon

Anime Pet Characters

Now here, we also have another guy who is a lot of work and has an explosive temper. By the way, Kon is a lot of fun and keeps tormenting our dear Ichigo. Not to mention that her teddy bear appearance is very cute, but it doesn’t match her personality at all. Furthermore, being a modified soul, he has quite considerable strength.

4. Panda

Now, let’s talk about one of the students from the spell school. Soon, he was created from a brute mutation, thanks to the powers of the school principal. But Panda is one of Yaga’s greatest creations, for all his absurd power, which makes him a grade 2 sorcerer. Not to mention that he is one of the most fun characters in the work, thanks to his playful personality.

3. Happy

In the top 3, let’s start with Happy. He is an Exceed and a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. Furthermore, he is our protagonist Natsu’s best friend and inseparable partner. With his cat-like appearance, he is quite cheeky and smart. On the other hand, he is the kind of guy who would die for his friends and has always been very loyal to Natsu and other members of the Guild.

2. Pikachu

In the top 2, we have one of the most unforgettable pets in the world. So, for sure, Pikachu was part of everyone’s childhood here and that’s why he couldn’t be left out of that list. Also, having followed your entire journey with Ash was simply unique and wonderful. Recalling all the hardships and joys the two shared together is really exciting.

1. ony Tony Chopper


And to finish off our list, we have Chopper. Soon, the Navy sees him as a pet of the Straw Hat Band and because of that, his reward is very low. On the other hand, we know that he is very strong and also the team doctor. Anyway, Chopper is super cute and his personality is a lot of fun.

Anyway folks, this was our special list for this Monday. The week has just started, so let’s all get excited and work hard. Leave a comment and see you next time!

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