20 Best Adventure Anime Series

    Adventure anime Series is one of the most exciting genres that almost all fans like. They have many details within the story and generally link the adventure with fantasy, action, magic, romance, etc. If this is so, how do we differentiate this genre from all the others?

    The animes whose theme is mainly Adventure, are those where the main character has an objective, a reason for being, a goal, a dream. This goal he will seek to make a reality. How? Well, going on a journey. A journey where the character is going to develop, he is going to meet his best friends and, finally, he is going to achieve his goal (sometimes he achieves it and a new one appears).

    You may also encounter many difficulties during your journey that will divert you from your path. But he will be in charge of solving the conflicts that are crossed, in order to return to the designated path. It is very likely that with this description you have already thought about several of your favorite anime that meet these characteristics. We bring you the 20 best Adventure anime of all time, so you can catch up.

    1. Hunter x hunter

    • Year: 1999 and 2011
    • Studio: 1999 – Nippon Animation / 2011 – Madhouse
    • Episodes : 82 chapters (1999) – 148 chapters (2011)

    “Hunter X”, as the anime is called in Spanish, is an adventure story about Gon Freecs, a 12-year-old boy who was left by his father at birth in the care of his aunt Mito. Gon’s father is a Hunter, the greatest and most exciting profession in his world. Gon yearns most of all to meet his father. For this reason, he decides to take the exam to be a Hunter and thus be able to find his father, Gin.

    The original series is from 1999. In 2011 a remake was made that spans a few more episodes.

    This is one of the best stories (if not the best), adventure, friendship, fantasy, and action that we can find in an anime. It honestly covers EVERYTHING. And the plot is very well constructed. Perfectly made to make you fall in love in your own way with each of the characters, while enjoying an epic journey with Gon and his friends. Which will face unmatched challenges to each achieve their goals. Not to be missed!

    2. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

    Adventure Anime Series
    Adventure Anime Series

    • Year: 2002 and 2007
    • Studio: Pierrot
    • Episodes: 220 chapters (2002) – 500 chapters (2007)

    You can’t be a true otaku if you haven’t seen Naruto. The series is divided into Naruto (as a boy) and Naruto Shippuden (already a teenager). The story revolves around Naruto, an orphan and rebellious boy who lives in Konoha, a ninja village.

    His dream is to become the Hokage, the ultimate leader of his village. This is in order that the people of his village no longer disown him, but rather admire and respect him. The reason for the hatred of Naruto is because he has a terrifying monster sealed inside him.

    This series has many fans around the world. We like him because of the growth and strength that the character shows. He goes from being a rejected child to becoming one of the constant saviors of his village. This, of course, with the help of many characters who will support him on his way to become the Hokage.

    3. One piece

    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 1999
    • Studio: Toei Animation
    • Episodes: 782

    One Piece is a quintessential pirate adventure anime. Our protagonist, Mokey D. Luffy, is a young man who wishes to become the King of the Pirates, the highest title in the entire ocean. He is also a boy with a special characteristic, his body is elastic and very resistant. This is due to a mysterious fruit that he ate as a child.

    The series is very entertaining and quite funny. Luffy as a character is very cheerful and charismatic. It is these qualities that make several of his new companions decide to follow him in the realization of his dream. It is a fun and action-packed story that we are sure you will like.

    4. Fairy tail

    Adventure Anime Series
    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year:  2009
    • Studio:  FUNimation Entertainment
    • Episodes:  277

    Fairy Tail takes us to a world of magic and lots of fun. There we will meet Natsu Dragneel, a young man with pink hair and known for being a fire wizard. Natsu has been searching for his “father” for many years, a Dragon named Igneel, who was the one who raised him. But Igneel disappeared one day without a trace and since then Natsu, along with his flying cat and partner Happy, embark on a journey to search for him.

    Along the way, they join the Fairy Tail guild, where they will make many different friends accompany them on their adventure.

    This anime is full of magical epic battles and lots of fun. What entertains the most within the plot are the situations that Natsu and his friends experience. The comedy touch is very well added and there will be no time when you won’t laugh at Natsu’s crazy things. This added to a lot of action and tons of magic.

    5. Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic and the Kingdom of Magic

    • Year: 2012
    • Studio: A-1 Pictures
    • Episodes: 50 between the two seasons.

    The story revolves around Aladdin, a 10-year-old boy who has a flute, with which he invokes a giant djinn named Ugo. Aladdin travels trying to find out who he really is and to learn about the world he lives in. He is a Magi, that is, a kind of magician capable of doing different things. On his journey, he discovers that he is not the only Magi and must fight alongside his friends to combat the forces of evil in his world.

    It is a quite genuine story, its characters are all heroes who defend their city and the people they love the most. And the protagonist is a very charismatic and innocent boy, who at the same time has great strength. It is worth seeing, for sure you will have a very good time with the adventures of Aladdin and his friends.

    6. Log Horizon

    Adventure Anime Series
    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 2013
    • Studio: Satelight
    • Episodes: 50 between the first and second season.

    We know the world of Elder Tale, an MMORPG game that everyone likes. The problem was that at the time of the update of the last expansion, 30,000 players are transported to the game world and no longer have an exit. There we meet Shiroe, our protagonist. He is a strategic player, who together with several of the companions that Akatsuki and Naotsugu know, will form a guild and seek a way to survive in this virtual world.

    Despite being a modern series, Log Horizon is packed with a very good and different story. You may have already heard a similar plot in SAO. But we assure you that it has nothing to do with it. Log Horizon takes you into a new world full of details that you must find out for yourself. There is also no shortage of battles and action that give excitement to this adventure.

    7. Pokemon

    Adventure Anime Series
    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 1997
    • Studio: OLM, Inc.
    • Episodes: 276 of the first season.

    Pokémon is an adventure series par excellence. All of us who were born in the 90s were born watching Pokémon. The story is about Ash, a young man who wants to be a Pokémon master, and for this, he undertakes a long journey through his region. On his journey, he will meet his friends who will always accompany him on his adventure, and he will form an unbreakable bond with Pikachu, his Pokémon, and his best friend.

    There are no words that describe what this series has meant to the world of Anime. Battles, friendship, passion, confidence, and perseverance are some of the many that you can receive from this unique series.

    8. Digimon adventure

    Adventure Anime Series
    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 1999
    • Studio: Toei Animation
    • Episodes: 54 of the first season.

    If you’ve seen Pokémon, you must have seen Digimon. It is its digital counterpart. This story revolves around a group of children who are transported to the Digi World , a digital version of their world. Monsters known as Digimon inhabit it. Each of our chosen children will meet their Digimon, who will be their companion throughout the journey as they seek to return to their original world.

    Basically it has the same characteristics as Pokémon: a good story and a very good friendship message. But despite this, Digimon is different. The characters and their fellow Digimon form a unique bond with each other , plus the music in this series is truly a gem.

    9. Arslan senki

    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 2015
    • Studio: Liden Films, Sanzigen
    • Episodes: 25

    Betrayed by his own devotees and overwhelmed by dark witchcraft, the army of Paris is overrun by fanatical warriors from Ruritania. Escaping the destruction of his homeland, the heroic prince Arslan begins to assemble a group of five allies: a priestess, an exiled warrior, a mischievous minstrel, an insightful artist, and his faithful companion. They will assist you in your fight against the Rucitanian invaders to regain your position as the rightful ruler.

    This is the typical story of a kingdom that must be reclaimed. Its notable traits are the loyalty of Arslan’s friends and the abundant action-packed battles that trap us in the world of these warriors.

    10. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

    • Year: 2005
    • Studio: Bee Train
    • Episodes: 52

    It is an adventure anime based on the original and well-known Sakura: Cardcaptor. This time the story revolves around Shaoran, already a young teenager. He embarks on a journey through different parallel worlds where he must search for the lost memories of Sakura, who has been left in a deep sleep.

    This story is full of crossovers from different CLAMP series and it really is a journey worthy of every character in the adventure genre. We love to see different series in one, as much as we like to see a faithful protagonist and I decide to help her maid, no matter the cost.

    11. Mushishi

    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 2006
    • Studio: Artland
    • Episodes: 26 of the first season and 22 of the second season.

    Mushishi is definitely a different anime. We get caught up in the world of Ginko, an expert in Mushi . These are ethereal creatures that have the concept of being a type of fungi or microorganisms. These are not capable of being seen by humans, but only by a very small number of people. Ginko is on his journey to meet all the Mushi that exist and to solve the problems that some may cause.

    What really catches up with Mushishi is the style of the animation: it ‘s completely artistic, it’s beautiful. It takes us into the mystical world of the Mushi. This is a story worth following. It is different from many of the anime that we have seen.

    12. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

    Adventure Anime Series
    • Year: 2016
    • Studio: A-1 Pictures.
    • Episodes: 12 and an OVA

    Grimgar from the ashes and fantasy is a story of some young people trapped in a world of what appears to be a virtual reality video game. The problem is that, unlike other animes of this type, none of the characters know how they got there or remember their past. We follow Haruhiro, our protagonist, a simple boy who, together with his new companions, must find a way to survive in this strange and unknown world.

    This anime is in our Top 20 for the reality of the circumstances of the characters. The plot is completely faithful to an event that could have happened to you or me in this world. The characters feel and suffer like us, they are afraid like us. They are frightened and directionless humans.

    13. Avatar the last Airbender

    • Year: 2005
    • Studio: Nickelodeon
    • Episodes: 61 in three seasons

    This is the first North American anime on our list. This adventure series takes place in a context where people live by manipulating the elements: earth, water, fire and air. A person can only be born with the ability to manipulate a single element. The only one who is capable of using all 4 is the Avatar , an ancient figure born to maintain peace and harmony for all peoples.

    The series tells the story of Aang , a boy who was frozen in the nation of the Water Tribe, who was discovered by Katara and Sokka. Two brothers who have accidentally discovered the Avatar. They must accompany Aang on a journey so that he learns the 3 missing elements, since he is the last Avatar of Air.

    Avatar aired on Nickelodeon and was a regular part of our series timeline to watch when we were younger. This is not to say that it is a children’s story. Avatar has one of the best plots created by North Americans. It has adventure, action, revenge, powers, battles, comedy and much more. It is one of the jewels of American creation.

    14. Akatsuki no Yona

    • Year: 2014
    • Studio: Pierrot
    • Episodes: 24 plus 3 OVAs

    At last, we have a heroine as a protagonist. The story of Akatsuki no Yona tells us the journey of Yona, the only princess of the Kingdom of Kouka. A spoiled and spoiled young woman with deep red hair, who has it all. But an unfortunate betrayal kills her father, the King and Yona is forced to flee. Her only support is her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak, a very strong warrior who will accompany her and protect her at all costs.

    The main theme of this anime is Yona’s journey in search of the 4 warrior dragons. Who are 4 young people who received ancient powers from different dragons, with which they must always protect their master? Yona is the reincarnation of her master and will seek them out with Hak to help him regain his kingdom.

    The key to Akatsuki no Yona is the transformation of our protagonist. She went from all to nothing. This is where she will learn to fend for herself, to fight, to defend herself. Learn about the reality of life and develop as the hero of this story.

    15. .hack // Legend of The Twilight

    • Year: 2003
    • Studio: Bee Train
    • Episodes: 12

    The series is set 4 years after what happened in the game .hack // Quarantine. In the virtual world The World, a contest is held so that the special avatars of the legendary Hackers Kite and BlackRose can be used. This adventure anime follows the actions of twins Rena and Shoga. They live far from each other, each with their father and mother who are divorced. The only way they can be seen is when Rena wins the avatar contest and invites her brother to play this online MMORPG game with her.

    While they were in a battle of the game, Shugo dies. But this leads him to a strange place where an AI named Aura gives him the Twilight Bracelet, with which he will continue the legend of the. Hackers.

    It is a story full of funny and mysterious events around these two brothers. They, with the help of new friends, will investigate . Hackers and solve the mysteries that surround this Bracelet.

    16. GetBackers

    • Year: 2002
    • Studio: Studio Deen
    • Episodes: 46

    He tells us about the adventures of Ginji Amano and Ban Mido, two friends who have a recovery service. They claim to be able to get back anything you have lost, as long as you pay well. Between them, two possess exceptional powers. Ginji can control electricity at will through his body. Ban has the Jaggan, a power capable of creating illusions to whoever looks at it, in addition to a 200-kilogram grip on his right hand.

    They must confront figures from their dark pasts while solving different cases that bring them, different clients. The adventures of Ban and Ginji are still very entertaining, while they have a very serious and mysterious touch, which envelops them wherever they go. They both have a past from which they flee, but which sooner or later they will have to face.

    17. Cowboy bebop

    • Year: 1998
    • Studio: Sunrise
    • Episodes: 26

    Enter a world in the distant future where Bounty Hunters roam the solar system. Bounty hunting partners Spike and Jet travel everywhere in an effort to earn rewards so they can survive. During their trip, they meet other very interesting people. Could Faye the beautiful and ridiculously poor gamer, Edward the computer genius, and Ein the dog be a good addition to the group?

    This anime is a classic among adventure anime. There is nothing like a space Western that screams action and good story through the air of the otaku world. We recommend it as one of the classics that you cannot miss.

    18. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    • Year: 2003
    • Studio: BONES
    • Episodes: 51 (the original) and 64 (Brotherhood)

    Accompany Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse Elric during their journey to recover their bodies, which underwent severe modifications after they tried to resurrect their mother through alchemy. Edward lost an arm and a leg, both of which are now mechanical (made by his good friend blacksmith). His brother Alphonse lost his entire body and Edward sacrificed his own arm in order to seal his soul in armor.

    In this fictional world where alchemy is one of the most advanced techniques in science, Alphonse and Edward embark on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone, an artifact that could help them regain what they lost.

    Fullmetal Alchemist then had a more faithful remake of the manga, called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Both are excellent and with a story that revolves around tragedy united with hope. Two qualities together trap us in the exciting story of these two brothers.

    19. InuYasha

    • Year: 2000
    • Studio: Sunrise
    • Episodes: 167 in the original and 26 in Kanketsu-Hen

    Kagome Higurashi is a 15-year-old girl who lives a normal life. Until one day her cat disappears near a well in the temple where she lives. Suddenly, a centipede emerges from the well and takes Kagome back 500 years to the Sengoku period.

    There Kagome meets InuYasha, a half-demon from that time who was looking for the jewel of Shikon. Kagome turns out to be the reincarnation of the priestess who guarded the jewel and ends up having it in her possession. But an unexpected incident destroys the pearl into thousands of pieces. Now, Kagome and InuYasha must go on a journey in search of the fragments of this relic.

    InuYasha is the classic adventure story of our middle school age. When we got home we saw her, because the various problems and the love/hate relationship between the protagonists caught us.

    20. Ruroni Kenshin (Samurai X)

    • Year: 1996
    • Studio: Studio Gallop and Studio DEEN
    • Episodes: 95

    Samurai X tells the story of Himura Kenshin , a very skilled swordsman who in his past was a well-known assassin who helped the Restoration Patriots fight the insurgents. Following this, Kenshin went into exile and anonymity. He was a normal homeless man who helped people however he could.

    On his way he arrives in Tokyo, where he meets Kamiya Kaoru , a 17-year-old Kendo teacher and orphan who is being mistreated by some guys who want to take over her dojo. Kenshin helps her and Kaoru insists that he stay with her. Problems arise when old enemies from Kenshin’s past show up to trouble him and his new companions.

    You can’t stop watching this story. The honor and redemption that lie within the plot are central to this anime. Redeeming himself and protecting the ones he loves is everything to Kenshin. It is a classic of vintage anime which you can not stop seeing.

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