Top 10 Ugly Anime Characters

    They say that beauty is subjective: what is unsightly for some may be a work of art for others. However, there are cases that we can risk saying are hopeless, and in anime, we have characters that are inevitably and hopelessly ugly.

    That is why at Best Anime we have decided that it is time to chat a bit about them and shine a light on those people who may be interesting “on the inside”, but on the outside, they are quite objectionable; yes, those beings who are far, but very far, from being models of beauty that society imposes on us, whether in Japan or anywhere in the world.

    10. Wang Chan

    Ugly Anime Characters
    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 26
    • Issuance: October 2012 to April 2013

    A story that crosses several generations of the Joestar family, this anime chronicles the adventures of Jonathan “JoJo” Joestar and his descendants. It all begins the day that Dio Brando sets foot in Jonathan’s mansion as an adopted son, becoming a danger to all members of the family. Dio, aided by an evil mask that gives him superpowers, will try in the cruelest and violent way to seize the power and money of his new relatives.

    Animation full of fights, martial techniques, and blood, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of characters with a very original and colorful design. Among them is an extremely unpleasant being named Wang Chan. A mixture of vampire and necromancer, this despicable being follows Dio’s cruel orders without hesitation. With a shrill voice, greenish skin, and a face that would scare anyone, Wang Chan is someone who is better lost than found.

    9. Kaneo Takarada

    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: October 2013 to March 2014

    In the search for her father’s murderer, Ryuuko Matoi ends up entering the famous Honnouji Academy in search of clues that lead her to the culprit. However, this is not a normal school: students fight each other using uniforms that give them superpowers. Can Ryuuko be strong and sagacious enough to find, even if it is by hitting, the information she so desperately wants?

    As for the question of being ugly, the award in this series goes to Kaneo Takarada. Naniwa Kinman High School Student Council President, he’s an irritatingly rich hunk with a lousy fashion sense, gold-plated teeth, and a terribly conceited personality. A horror!

    8. Wonderful Gocche

    Ugly Anime Characters
    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 102
    • Issuance: April 2014 to March 2016

    We are in the kingdom of Fiore, a peaceful country of about 12 million inhabitants whose main characteristic is the large number of magicians who circulate through its streets. In fact, in this fantastic world magic is like a commodity that is traded as if it were a kilo of potatoes or oranges. Lucy Heartfilia is a young sorceress who is in search of improving her magical arts and, for this, she will have to embark on an adventure trying to find the Golden Keys capable of making her wish come true.

    A member of the Jiggle Butt Gang, Wonderful Gocche is the perfect mix of ugliness and bad taste. Dressed in black tights, slim, and with a prominent rear (a beautiful quality that he shares with his other two teammates), this man with a lot of potential for the unpleasant has as one of his main weapons to discharge gases in the faces of his enemies. A bright side? It’s hilarious when he does it!

    7. Hajime Fukuroda

    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 43
    • Broadcast: June 1999 to September 2000

    The classic tag on our list today goes to Great Teacher Onizuka. Very popular in its heyday, in the late nineties, this anime is about the experiences of a former motorcycle jerk named Eikichi Onizuka who decides to change the course of his life. How? Very simple: becoming the best high school teacher on the planet.

    GTO is an anime to die of laughter and, as in any good school comedy, the unattractive teacher who likes to look at the legs of his young students is inevitable. In this story, Hajime Fukuroda is the one who does the honor of occupying that position: a physical education teacher at the same academy where Eikichi teaches, he is a man in his thirties, single, irritable, and with a face that will prevent him from getting a girlfriend. some.

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    6. Foxy 

    Ugly Anime Characters
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    • Episodes: 779+
    • Broadcast: October 1999 – on broadcast

    If there is something in the universe that all pirates want to get their hands – or hooks, if applicable – on top, that would be the greatest treasure on the planet: the One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy is also part of this fanatic club of riches, and he is sailing the seas with his crew to get it before anyone else. A curious fact is that our young pirate cannot swim due to the effect that an exotic fruit had on his body, taking away its strength every time it comes into contact with any kind of water.

    Being a series that has been broadcast since the late nineties and does not seem to be near the end yet, One Piece has hundreds of characters that go from the most courageous and good-looking to some real disasters. Among the latter is Foxy. Captain of the Foxy Pirates, he has a huge nose and mouth, thin and unharmonious legs and arms, a bulging belly, and a hairstyle that is to sue the stylist. The perfect example of Prince Charming!

    5. Uncle from To be Hero

    Ugly Anime Characters
    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: October 2016 to December 2016

    Super fun and original anime, To be Hero tells the adventures of Uncle, a man in his forties who, taking advantage of his good looks, often spends more time trying to pick up women than educating his only teenage daughter. One day, when he comes back from a date, he goes to the bathroom and the toilet flushes him… yes, he literally goes down the pipe. There he meets a race of strange beings, who claim to be the guardians of the galaxy who guard the Earth against invasions carried out by evil aliens. These beings give him mysterious superpowers, and so Uncle returns home to save humanity.

    But the story does not end here. Uncle underwent, at the time of the delivery of his powers, a metamorphosis that changed his body and face, resembling that of a fat paunch with a horrible face of huge cheeks and small eyes. With this new physiognomy, our hero must save us from any extraterrestrial threat, while trying to convince his daughter that he is actually the handsome and womanizing father who loves her so much.

    4. Perfect Blue me-mani

    • Episodes: 1
    • Issue: February 1998

    The second classic on today’s list, Perfect Blue was quite a famous movie in the late nineties. The story revolves around the young idol singer Mima Kirigoe, who decides to turn her career around by opening up from the girl group she belonged to become a soloist and actress. His new life causes him great physical and psychological wear, apart from having to suffer the siege of a fanatic who did not forgive him for having left his old job. All this pressure that Mima undergoes will lead to a chaotic state of mind, generating serious problems in her day to day.

    A rather repulsive character is Me-mania, a fan of Mima on an obsessive level. With an elongated face, straight hair, and eyes that are too small for such a face, this man’s design shows the artist’s great effort to make it deliberately ugly. Is he the sick fanatic who won’t let Mima sleep in peace? You will have to see the movie to find out.

    3. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

    Ugly Anime Characters
    Ugly Anime Characters
    • Episodes: 25
    • Issuance: April 2016 to September 2016

    Subaru Natsuki was doing some shopping in a normal store when, suddenly, he is catapulted into another world. After being amazed by the change, he realizes that the only thing he has in common with the locals is the language; he does not share the writing, nor does he understand the customs, and the few yen that he carries in his wallet are not useful to buy food. In this way, the young teenager will be forced to investigate his new habitat in order to survive, in addition to looking for the reason or who was the person involved in his journey to this
    parallel universe.

    As is to be expected in these last positions, we have been saving the best … or, in this case, the worst for last. The bronze medal for the ugliest belongs to Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti, a character who, although not the main character, will have to be etched on the retina of more than one spectator. With greenish hair and matching skin, egg-warm eyes, and the face of someone up to no good, Petelgeuse undoubtedly deserves this honorable spot on our anti-beauty list.

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    2. Ryuk from Death Note

    • Episodes: 37
    • Issuance: October 2006 to June 2007

    One of the great successes – if not the greatest – of the master Takeshi Obata. Death Note tells of the adventures of a bright young high school student named Light Yagami, who finds the solution to his boredom in a blank notepad he picked up from the street. The basic concept is that, by writing the name of any human being, the person is destined to a tragic end. With such murderous power in his hands, Light will begin to have various moral debates about who and how to kill, in the name of what he calls justice.

    As a path in his human hunt, Light has a Shinigami – spirit of death – which appeared as soon as the boy came into contact with the notebook. As ugly as a being from the underworld must be, Ryuk has the face and body of a monster: blue-gray skin, yellow eyes, a nose with only two holes, a bony body, and a pair of black wings. In his first meeting with Ryuk, Light lets out a scream of terror and falls from his chair … Without a doubt, we would have done the same!

    1. Jingoro Amayo

    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: April 2005 to September 2005

    We are in the middle of the seventeenth century in Japan. Tokugawa is the shogun, and he demands that the Iga and Kouga ninja clans fight each other to find out who is worthy of being the official protector of the government. The problem is unleashed when the heirs of both families, Gennosuke and Oboro, fall madly in love, being in the middle of the fierce combat that their families carry out.

    To finish this almost terrifying decalogue, we have left the worst one we found: Jingoro Amayo. Horrifying from all sides, Jingoro is not only repulsive because of his physical build, but also because of his ability to turn into a slimy being on contact with salt.

    This allows him to go unnoticed and assault his victims by surprise, as well as to get inside their bodies using any available orifice as an entrance. Dear readers, if the latter has not disgusted you, we do not imagine that anything else could. The only thing worse about someone slugging into our bodies is that they are hideous, worthy of this first position.

    Final Words

    We’re done! Yes, everything comes to an end and this collection of not very pretty people says goodbye. Likewise, the beauty of each being is inside, and far from making fun of ugliness, we simply highlight the ability of designers to create truly repulsive beings.

    As is customary, we invite you to comment that you have found the article and to join, if you wish, our ranks of feúchos. Hoping to see you next time, we say goodbye for now … Mata ne ! 😀

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