Top 10 Ugliest Anime Hairstyles

    When creating an anime character, physical features that respect the base story or, in the case of an original story, the author’s ideas, should be considered. This is how you decide if the characters will be small big eyes, light or tan skin, etc.

    Within these characteristics, hair and hairstyle are also determined, a very important element in anime characters. The hairstyles of the characters of an anime can sometimes highlight the beauty of the protagonists or villains, however, on some occasions, the hairstyles are not always the best. In fact, some hairstyles are so ugly that they become the reason we remember those characters. Let’s find out together which anime characters are the owners of the ugliest hairstyles.

    10. Yuugi Mutou from Yu ☆ Gi ☆ Oh!

    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: April 1998 to October 1998

    We begin this count with a boy who is extremely skilled with puzzles and games, we refer to Yuugi Mutou. The young Mutuo lives with his grandfather, is a high school student, and stands out because his appearance could be mistaken for that of a child. Yuugi is skilled in the card game known as Duel Monsters. This young man possesses the ability to change bodies with the spirit of Yami Yugi, the ancient Pharaoh Atem, which is sealed within the Millennium Puzzle.

    This time Yuugi won a tenth place on this list because he is the owner of one of the ugliest hairstyles in anime. Her hair is multicolored, the roots of her hair are black, which ends in an intense purple color and finally, she has two strands of blonde hair that fall to the sides of her face. If the unusual combination of colors isn’t enough, the way you style your hair defies the laws of gravity. Yuugi always wears a five-cornered hairstyle and her blonde locks have a zig-zag shape that never leaves their place.

    9. Grevil de Blois de Gosick

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    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: January 2011 to July 2011

    Grevil is the first-born of the aristocratic family of Blois and Victorique’s half-brother. The relationship between these half-brothers is not very good, however, Grevil, because he is a terrible detective, depends on the intelligence of his younger sister to solve the chaos he takes. Whenever Grevil visits the library; Victorique’s favorite place, she behaves as if her sister did not exist, since she is the illegitimate daughter of her father, the Marquis Albert de Blois.

    Grevil could be considered as an extremely handsome and elegant man, however, his attractiveness is diminished by the ugly hairstyle that he usually uses. This hairstyle consists of making his straight blonde hair defy gravity, his hair is suspended in the air in a spiral shape, similar to the pompadour hairstyles of the boys of the ’60s. The short locks that fall on the sides of her face are usually slightly curved and their tips are usually pointing to each side of her head, resembling horns of hair.

    8. Iris from Pokémon Best Wishes!
    English: Pokémon: Black & White

    Anime Hairstyles Anime Hairstyles
    • Episodes: 84
    • Issuance: September 2010 to June 2012

    Iris is a young Pokémon trainer who travels with Ash on his adventure to Unova and the Bleak Isles. Iris is originally from the Village of Dragons and possesses the ability to perceive the emotions of dragon-type Pokémon. She is always usually accompanied by Axew, a rare and somewhat weak pokemon, but faithful to her trainer. Axew always tends to hide inside her hair.

    Iris is in our eighth position due to the quirky and ugly hairstyle she often wears. His hair is long and of a deep purple color, which is usually tied almost at the end by a yellow ribbon. But what makes her hairstyle stand out is the fact that on the sides of her head, her hair is shorter and is usually combed in two pigtails, which are always slightly raised, reminding us of the shape of small wings or horns. of dragon. Lastly, the exaggerated volume of Iris’s hair could be compared to a giant pillow.

    7. Selnia Iori Flameheart from Ladies versus Butlers

    Anime Hairstyles
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    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: January 2010 to March 2010

    In the seventh position is a member of the noble Flameheart family, originally from England, her name is Selnia Iori. Selina is a young high school student at Hakureiryou School. Selnia is a proud, temperamental and competitive young woman. She does not stand out for being a member of an aristocratic family, and ugly hairstyle.

    Her long blonde hair is usually tied in a ponytail and is divided into two exaggeratedly large curls. His hairstyle has been likened to a drill by Akiharu Hino, a transfer student. And if that wasn’t enough, Selnia usually adorns her extravagant hairstyle with a huge white bow, which is a little bigger than her head.

    6. Seishirou Kirishiki from Shiki
    “English: Corpse Demon”

    Anime Hairstyles
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    • Episodes: 22
    • Issuance: July 2010 to December 2010

    Seishirou is a young man who was orphaned as a child, due to his parents being attacked by Chizuru Kirishiki. Seishirou is the only human in the Kirishiki house, due to Chizuru rejecting his request to turn him into a Shiki. He pretends to be Chizuru’s husband and Sunako’s father, managing to hide that they really shake who wish to turn the villagers of Sotoba into living corpses.

    Seishirou owns the sixth position thanks to his exotic hairstyle which consists of having his hair cut short at the back of his head with slight volume. On the front of her hair, she always combs her fringe into two strands in an irregular zigzag shape, which to a certain extent remain floating in the air; Let’s not forget that a couple of thin strands are wavy making the ends point to the sky. This hairstyle makes the attractiveness and elegance that Seishirou possesses diminish.

    5. Kizashi Haruno from Naruto Shippuden

    Anime Hairstyles
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    • Episodes: 500
    • Issuance: February 2007 to March 2017

    Kizashi Haruno is the father of Sakura Haruno, a young medical ninja, and the husband of Mebuki Haruno. Kizashi is a cheerful man, he loves to joke around and loves puns. Kizashi is a man who cares and tries a lot for the welfare and happiness of his family. Sakura’s father is in our fifth position due to the ugly and strange hairstyle that he often wears.

    The patriarch of the Haruno family owns long grayish-pink hair, which he combs in five peaks, very similar to the blossom of the cherry tree. We cannot forget that his hairstyle is usually always accompanied by some strands that are usually in the shape of an “L”, which can be mistaken for a beard or mustache.

    4. Yasuhiro Hagakure from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
    “English: Danganronpa: The Animation”

    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: July 2013 to September 2013

    Yasuhiro is a high school student at Pico de la Esperanza Academy. Yasuhiro is the oldest in the class because he has failed three times. He is a friendly, laid-back guy and a bit of a coward. His cowardice comes to light in every trial, he always worries too much when suspected, even if Yasuhiro didn’t do anything. Yasuhiro possesses the gift of clairvoyance, for which he receives the title of High School Super Clairvoyant.

    Yasuhiro despite standing out for his gift, this time he occupies the fourth position of this top for his hairstyle which is very ugly. This clairvoyant young man has one of the ugliest and most extravagant hairstyles in anime. Her hair is long and styled in long dreadlocks with an exaggerated volume. Their dreadlocks end in a point and are usually always raised as if they were the quills of a porcupine.

    3. All Might from Boku no Hero Academy
    “English: My Hero Academy”

    Anime Hairstyles
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    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: April 2016 to June 2016

    All Might is the number one hero of the city, considered to be the symbol of peace. He is admired by most of the young people who want to become heroes. He is the eighth hero to use the quirk known as One For All. All Might could be considered a typical American-style hero, as he often has dramatic entrances.

    In addition to standing out for being an outstanding hero, All Might has earned the number three spot on this list for the hideous hairstyle he wears. Her blonde hair is slightly long in the back reaching a little below the shoulders, she usually combs it back, but what makes her hairstyle this list is the use of those ugly and ridiculous locks that, like many other hairstyles, defy gravity. The strands that crown his head are longer than the rest of his hair and if you see them for the first time they could be mistaken for horns.

    2. Ururu Tsumugiya from Bleach

    • Episodes: 366
    • Issuance: October 2004 to March 2012

    Ururu is a girl who works in the shop of Urahara, the former captain of the twelfth shinigami division. Ururu is shy, talks little, apologizes for everything, and possesses extraordinary physical strength. Ururu’s appearance wouldn’t stand out much if it were not for that ugly hairstyle he wears.

    Her hair is cut in layers; the longest cape is usually tied in two pigtails that are separated by a zigzag line. This hairstyle wouldn’t be so prominent were it not for the fact that the shorter layer falls down the side of her hair; He complements his hairstyle with a lock that falls to the center of his face, which is divided in two. Ururu’s hairstyle as a whole could remind you of the limbs of some insect.

    1.Gloria Ookanda from Pri Para ‘English: Prism Paradise’

    Anime Hairstyles
    • Episodes: 140
    • Issuance: July 2014 to March 2017

    In our first position is the director of the Paprika Academy, Gloria Ookanda. Gloria is a strict woman, she has prohibited freshmen from becoming idols in PriPara, so she always confiscates the pritickets that allow them to enter PriPara. Gloria not only stands out for being a strict woman, but she also stands out for being the owner of one of the ugliest hairstyles in anime, which causes her natural beauty to decline.

    Gloria has enormous gray hair, which is always held in a high ponytail that falls to the right side of her face. Because her hair is curly, but not ordinary curly, her hair forms too thick a curl. As if that were not enough, a rebellious strand is born from her ponytail, a little shorter than the rest of her hair, which is usually slightly wavy and falling to the opposite side of that enormous curl.

    Final Words

    On this occasion, we could appreciate that hairstyles are not always the strong point of artists when designing a character. But, thanks to the characters with unaesthetic hairstyles, it is possible to capture the attention of the fans, making us remember them. Some of these characters have even managed to impose fashion on the followers of the series to which they belong or become the favorite characters of cosplayers since it is a fun challenge to create those hairstyles.

    This is how we have reached the end of this article, we hope you like it. Come and leave your comments in the section below.

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