Spanish makes an unexpected and sensual cosplay body paint of Sheng Long from Dragon Ball

Kumita_cosplay gave proof of his ingenuity and talent by performing a body paint cosplay of Sheng Long, the powerful creature from Dragon Ball.

Image: Toei Animation

Sheng Long is one of those Dragon Ball characters that you would never expect a cosplay anime from and even less one that involves the body paint technique. However, here we are sharing the work of a cosplayer from Spain who deserves all the support in the world.

From Malaga, the user kumita_cosplay surprised her fans with a unique idea. Out of all the Dragon Ball characters available for cosplay, he chose the wish-granting dragon to offer him his performance and talent. As a technique, cosplay has no clothes and is made up of sheer artistic talent and lots of green paint.


Sheng Long never looked so feminine as in this cosplay body paint

Of course, he did not miss the details of the dragon’s belly markings and divided his body into two tones just as Sheng Long’s aesthetic marks. He even painted the two long appendages that the entity has in its mouth as a “mustache”.

According to Kumita Cosplay, her fans were the ones who chose the cosplay body paint character and assured that the uncensored photos will be placed on her Only Fans account.

As we say around here, if you liked these images of Dragon Ball, do not forget to support the artist Kumita_cosplay on all her social networks and on her premium content sites so that she continues to make her art. Also don’t forget that you can find the best anime cosplays in Spaghetti Code, so don’t stop reading!

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