10 Best Blonde Anime Characters Female

Blonde Anime Characters, When it comes to anime series, there is a color that tends to stand out and at the same time, blends into the already colorful world of anime character hair. And it is that the blonde hair color has a natural and at the same time fantasy essence where unlike those characters with red, purple, green, blue hair, etc., the blonde color of the characters attracts them more towards our reality, adding more color to our life.

In this article, we will mention 10 anime girls that we consider to be the best blondes for their courage, bravery, attitude in the face of adversity, and of course, for their beauty, along with a small explanation of why we consider them to deserve to be on the list. Without more to say, let’s get started!

10. Asia Argento from High School DxD

Blonde Anime Characters
Blonde Anime Characters

If we could think of the graphic representation of “Peace” and “Sweetness”, Asia would have taken number one on this list. However, you should not leave her behind just because of her sensitive behavior. Asia proved that she could even sacrifice her own life for the sake of those close to her. An ancient nun used by fallen angels, Asia only believed that she was following in God’s indicated steps.

Maybe this girl’s blonde hair reaches almost to her legs, along with big green eyes, she can pretend to be an innocent girl. Finding such a character in an Ecchi and Harem genre anime may not be very striking at first, but seeing her in action will make the heart of more than one flutter and not necessarily her body, but because of her non-judgmental love for others.

9. Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z

Blonde Anime Characters
Blonde Anime Characters

Cold, calculating, and certainly a weapon worth having. The pair of Android 17 and 18 arrived in the worst of times for Vegeta, Trunks, Ten Shin Han, and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z . However, the reason Android 18 appears on this list, beyond her power, is because she is the anime graphic representation of Redemption. Sometimes we deviate from the direction we should take and we allow ourselves to be carried away by the evil that is within us. But she not only lived the consequences of her actions, but once revived, she had the opportunity to have a quiet life, and not only that … Have a daughter with Krillin!

Physically, Android 18 is very easy to recognize, her not so short blonde hair which falls almost to her shoulders and is parted at the sides without covering her sharp blue eyes, makes her stand out wherever she is, whether to admire her beauty or fleeing in fear of her great power and if we added her outfit worthy of a rock band, she definitely turned the gaze of more than one person as she walked.

8. Loretta Christiano Amodio from Gangsta

Blonde Anime Characters
Blonde Anime Characters

Who likes to be called a “baby,” “child,” or “immature”? If you don’t like it, imagine Loretta, who at only 14 years old is the head of the Christiano Family and the youngest of the heads of the family. The Christianos have been hit hard in the past and circumstances forced her to take over the family business, the distribution of a drug called Celebrer, necessary for the life of the Twilights.

And why would they call her “girl”? It may be due to her appearance, her blonde hair is only partly tied back while the rest falls to her shoulders and covers her face a little. Loretta usually dresses in a mix of refined and practical garments, the most common being a white shirt with a bow at the neck with a skirt, a reflection that she will always be ready to move fast and act in defense of her family members despite that they are your bodyguards and not the other way around.

7. Tsunade from Naruto

Blonde Anime Characters
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Tsunade would probably make a list on her own, so let’s mention some of her most important characteristics, she is an excellent Shinobi, she is talented with healing powers (so much so that she was Sakura Haruno’s teacher ), she has a problem with gambling, among other things. . But if there is something we must learn from her, even if it is difficult, it is that we must give ourselves a second chance and keep fighting, if they are no longer for your dreams, then to make others’ dreams come true.

The appearance of a real Tsunade is a mystery due to a transformation technique, she has maintained a youthful appearance when her real age already reaches 50. With long golden hair that falls back, arranged with two long braids and a long colt. facing the front, and wearing a traditional green robe with a gray suit underneath, she becomes someone who cannot be forgotten, especially energetic and lively, something that always serves as a tool to guide and help her allies and annoy your worst enemies. Of course, never say “old” if you want to stay alive … * gulp *

6. Chii from Chobits

Blonde Anime Characters
Blonde Anime Characters

Chii is a Persocon, basically a computer in the shape of a human girl and with a personality. But Chii is not a person with just anyone, she is one that has been found on the street by Hideki Motosuwa and at first, she can only say “Chii” (that’s where her name comes from). Although later in the series she is able to say a little more, what we see in her is not only about who she is or was but how much she manages to express, especially her love for Hideki without being able to say it in words.

With one of the longest blonde tresses in this count (it hits her feet!), Totally straight though a bit messy but always stylish thanks to two ribbons on either side that hold it a bit in place and big brown eyes. , Chii manages to immediately captivate the attention, not only of Hideki but of many other people when seeing her walking down the street or working. And is that, how to avoid it? When she can only express herself without words, observing her expressions and beauty is the only way to communicate with her, and even more impressive is the evolution of her personality as the chapters progress, worthy of silent movies … or at least a single word … Chii!

5. Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia by Aldnoah.Zero

Poor Princess Asseylum. She had every good intention of being the mediator in an era where they only sought war. She wanted to be the light in the dark and bring order back to the chaos in which both the Vers kingdom of Mars and the Earthlings had planned. And in the end, his naivety ended up being his biggest weakness. However, being used as an element of war for other purposes did not make her surrender, on the contrary, she ended up proving that she was right and although no one wanted to listen to her, her message was received by those who were loyal to her.

Royalty in person, Princess Asseylum is not far behind in style. Her hair arrangement, which has a braid that covers her head in the shape of a bow, practically like a crown and with a lock that falls to the side, along with her royal dress, a white dress worthy of any heir to the throne. This combination makes her one of the most beautiful girls on this list, Princess Asseylum will always do what she thinks is right to keep balance and peace.

4. Hana Midorikawa from Prison School

Depending on your first impression, if you cross Hana’s path, two things may have happened. Either you fell in love with his curious, almost childlike personality, or you’ve received one of the strongest kicks to the head of your entire life. Hana is one of those people who do not hesitate to express what they feel, for better or for worse and regardless of whether it is uncomfortable for others or not, she will go to the bottom to make things “fair” again.

In contrast to the other girls on this list, Hana is not one of those girls who stands out for her appearance or clothing, in fact, the opposite is true. Her short blonde hair in the Bob Cut style, which almost reaches her shoulders, and her high school uniform with a brown vest with a skirt and some… leggings… ok the leggings make her stand out a bit, in fact, they give us a clue that This girl does more than jump for joy on her legs. Hana is definitely someone you always want to look cheerful, just because trips to the hospital are so expensive!

3. Teresa of Claymore

The rebel on the list, Teresa “with the faint smile” needs no introduction. Formerly the number one in her Organization, this monster slayer named Yoma began to go against the beliefs imparted about her from her studies, but her decision to leave the Organization did not materialize until she met Claire., an orphan girl who followed her everywhere no matter the dangers that this would have. This determination was contagious and once she made up her mind, she began to take her own steps, doing whatever she wanted and what it took to protect Claire. The saying “Silver hand and silk glove” fit her … well, like a glove, Teresa can be kind, loving, and protective, but if you mess with her, she will remind you why she was known as the number 1 of the Claymore.

In her appearance, Teresa draws attention both for her physique and for her clothing. With a height of one meter eighty, long blonde hair that runs down the sides of her face and up to the middle of her back along with her gray eyes, she is already an imposing woman in front of anyone. If to that we add his Claymore suit with his greatsword, without saying a word it is understood that only a person blind of power could go against him and believe he will take the victory. With maternal affection and incalculable power, Teresa deserves a position on this list.

2. Misa Amane from Death Note

Unconditional love, isn’t that what many are looking for? No Light Yagami , that’s for sure. For him, Misa is just another element in his plans, but for Misa, Light is the light (worth the redundancy) in a world full of darkness and injustice. Since Kira came out in public, this famous model imitated him, and even with her Death Note imparted, like him, the divine justice that she believes should be a role model for everyone else and will not rest until Light’s dream is over. make it come true because, for her, Light is more important than the whole world.

Misa Amane may be a model in the history of Death Note, but the truth is that she has transcended to real life and her style has been used by thousands of cosplayers all over the world. With blonde hair partly collected in two ponytails to the sides and the rest down her back, a gothic suit with a black skirt and leggings, and various accessories, Misa has become a role model for all those fans of the series.

1. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Nobody expected that a video game could trap you in its world, much less impose the condition on its players that death within it means dying in real life. But for Asuna, after thinking about it this was not a death sentence, on the contrary, for her, this means a constant battle up the ladder to be able to free herself and return to real life. In the middle of his days in the virtual world, he meets Kirito and together with him, they manage to overcome many fights and challenges without fainting.

Asuna represents a good composition of a character in the universe she is in. Her blonde hair with a long reddish touch, reaching almost to her hips and her light brown eyes already turn a few glances but if we add to that her clothing in the white video game with red and her sword, it makes her an attractive danger for her enemies. . Talented in fighting and loving towards her loved ones, Asuna is simply an incomparable character.

With this list, it is definitely assured that blonde girls are here to stay, and we are sure that in time we will need a much longer list to be able to include the best in the entire anime world.

And what do you guys think? Tell us who deserves to be on this list in the comments below or through our social networks. Until next time!

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