10 Best Bleach Anime Characters

    Bleach Anime Characters, Hi all! After the Top 10 of the strongest Naruto characters, a lot of debates were formed, now we are going to do another Top 10 that might create tension and arguments! Who are the strongest characters in Bleach ! ??

    It’s brutal, isn’t it? There are so many characters that are so powerful or claim to be so powerful that they have not shown their abilities. Sure, we are going to focus only on the anime, therefore, there is no need to talk about Juha Bach here! Another important point to mention is that I selected characters who at least have a clear example of what their power is. Many characters claim to be powerful but their power has never been proven so this can cause problems when listing them fairly. However, I will mention them in the conclusion.

    So let’s start this Top 10 and let’s all fight for the best!

    10. Hitsugaya Toushirou

    Bleach Anime Characters
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    Hitsugaya at position No. 10 !? There are so many characters stronger than him !? Well, I’m not sure about that but, this is just my opinion. Ok, I might be influenced because he’s my favorite character, but honestly, Hitsugaya became the youngest of the captains on the Gotei 13 in the history of the Soul Society. He is a true prodigy, excelling in many domains thanks to his intelligence and natural talent.

    Hyourinmaru, his Zanpakutou, is the strongest of all Ice Zanpakutous users in Soul Society. For example, your Bankai always regenerates, as long as there is water in the air. His strongest attack, Hyouten Hyakkasou, is also amazing: a lot of snow falls from the sky and as soon as this snow comes in contact with something, ice flower buds freeze everything they touch.

    9. Kuchiki Byakuya

    Bleach Anime Characters
    Bleach Anime Characters

    Byakuya is the most powerful member and current chief in the history of the noble Kuchiki clan. He is a recurring character from whom we have seen many fights that show his great abilities. Like Hitsugaya, he is an adept tactician, often using both Kido and his Zanpakutou’s abilities. Even when severely injured, Byakuya can perform his shunpo like nothing.

    His Zanpakutou, Senbonzakura, is very powerful and is used for both offense and defense. Furthermore, he can attack from any angle with his hundred million Bankai- shaped razor shards. Byakuya often wins his fights by staying very calm and quickly analyzing his opponent’s techniques and weaknesses. His pride can turn out to be a weakness at times, as he often refuses to use specific techniques like Utsusemi, simply because Yoruichi has taught him.

    8. Ulquiorra Cifer

    Bleach Anime Characters
    Bleach Anime Characters

    Ulquiorra is Rank 4 of the Espada and the one that impressed me the most. He is not only very classy, ​​but also very powerful, calm in any situation, and also possesses great analytical skills. Ulquiorra is the only Espada that has a second form after casting his Zanpakutou, called ” Resurrection: Second Stage “. Not even Aizen knew about it (which in fact could certainly change his rank among the Espada ).

    This new form makes him probably the most powerful of the Espada, completely overwhelming Ichigo and basically killing him until his inner Hollow took control of his body. In this way, you can also regenerate any part of your body, as long as your vital organs are not damaged.

    Ulquiorra lost his fight because of Ichigo’s tremendous power in Hollow form that completely changed the outcome of the fight.

    7. Ichimaru Gin

    Bleach Anime Characters
    Bleach Anime Characters

    One of the most enigmatic characters in Bleach. You never know what he’s thinking and his behavior is so annoying (at least it bothers me!). This guy opens his eyes only when he’s really serious, otherwise, he always seems like he’s laughing or making fun of people.

    However, Gin is still a very strong character, famous in Soul Society for being a young prodigy very much like Hitsugaya. He appears manipulative and deceptive, even going as far as to deceive Aizen for over a hundred years until he was finally able to get revenge on him. Although his Zanpakutou doesn’t look that strong in his Shikai form, Su Bankai is a totally different story!

    In this way, he can use the extension and contraction of his sword at great speeds (a hundred times the speed of sound, but we don’t know exactly since he said he lied about it) and over several kilometers. But that’s not all, Gin’s sword also contains a destructive poison that is used in order to kill his opponents from the inside after inserting a fragment of it into their bodies.

    6. Shihouin Yoruichi

    The former captain of the 2nd Division and Commander of Onmitsukidou, Yoruichi is also known as the ” Flash Goddess “, being the fastest Shunpo user in Soul Society history. With her speed, she is able to create various afterimages of herself in different positions to fool her enemy (which is Utsusemi, the technique that she taught Byakuya ).

    This speed, combined with her great physical strength, makes her truly impressive. She in particular can use Shunko, which is a technique that covers her body with Kidou based on lightning. With this technique, he is also able to neutralize his opponent’s technique. Wearing his anti-iron armor, created by Urahara Kisuke, his strength is even greater, even though he couldn’t do much against Aizen.

    The last point is that we never actually saw her use her Zanpakutou even though she mastered her Bankai. Imagine how strong he could be with that!

    5. Kyouraku Shunsui

    Shunsui is the second strongest captain of the 13 squads after Yamamoto, in my opinion. He is also one of the oldest guard captains with Ukitake and after Unohana and Yamamoto. This man managed to defeat the number 1 Sword, Coyote Starrk, only with his Shikai and without much effort … he also faced Yamamoto with Ukitake and they both managed to withstand the overwhelming power of the captain-commander for some time.

    His Zanpakutou, Katen Kyoukotsu’s childish games, make him very dangerous in any circumstance, taking advantage of situations while putting himself in danger. His Bankai is not to be seen by others according to Ukitake. Therefore, it must be very destructive and probably dangerous for the people around it.

    4. Urahara Kisuke

    This character is awesome, don’t you think? The former captain of Division 12, founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, creator of the Hougyoku … His intellect is much greater compared to others and he uses it perfectly to plan complex strategies to defeat his opponents.

    Not only is his Zanpakutou, Benihime, very powerful, but he is also a master at Kidou and can use powerful techniques consecutively. He can use most of them without enchantments at least up to level 88 and is even capable of creating his own Kidou. More impressive still, he managed to hide a sealed Kidou in another to fool Aizen, and in the end, he is the one who has finally sealed it. As for Shunsui, we never saw his Bankai, but I’m sure it must be impressive!

    3. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

    What would a Bleach top 10 fighters article be without the captain-commander listed? This guy is simply a monster, obviously the strongest captain of the 13 squads with his Zanpakutou, Ryuujin Jakka, the strongest user of the element of fire. Even when fighting Wonderweiss, which was specifically modified to seal its flames, he defeated it with great ease and only using his hands.

    Yamamoto has been the most powerful Shinigami for over a thousand years and if it weren’t for Aizen and Ichigo’s latest forms, he would clearly be number 1 on this list.

    2. Aizen Sousuke

    The former 12th Division captain and the main antagonist of the entire anime reached a level of power far beyond that of any Shinigami or Arrancar. Thanks to the ability of his Zanpakutou which was evidently already super powerful in Shikai, he could easily defeat many captains by himself.

    You can also use Kidou techniques above level 90 without any enchantments. And with the power of the Hougyoku, he just became incredibly strong. Neither Urahara, Yoruichi, Isshin, Gin nor Yamamoto could defeat him … He even survived Ichigo’s final attack because his body could regenerate all his wounds.

    1. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Bleach Anime Characters
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    Number one had to be Ichigo. It has not always been the strongest, most of the time it is inconsistent. However, its evolution throughout the anime is simply surreal. Well, he’s the main character, so he had to improve that way …

    So many people complain or say that he did not actually defeat Aizen, and without Urahara’s seal, he would have been killed after he lost his Shinigami powers … Well yeah, he introduced himself like that during the show, but come on. to think about this for a bit: even without his Getsuga Tenshou, he presented no difficulty fighting Aizen in his most powerful form.

    Furthermore, Aizen couldn’t even feel Ichigo’s reiatsu, which means he was at another power level, even before his last Getsuga Tenshou. In my opinion, even without his final form, Ichigo deserves the title of the strongest character in Bleach.

    So this was my Top 10. Now, why didn’t I choose characters like Zaraki Kenpachi, Hirako Shinji, Kurosaki Isshin, or Ukitake? Well, excluding Zaraki, we don’t really have much data to judge the strength of the other 3.

    Ukitake is supposed to be roughly on Shunsui level, however, we have hardly ever seen serious fights and he was defeated with a single hit from Wonderweiss …

    The same goes for Ichigo’s father, we really have no idea of ​​his strength or abilities, aside from his powerful Getsuga Tenshou and flip.

    Hirako Shinji barely showed us his Shikai, which could be of great use if he didn’t explain all his secrets before fighting … And anyway, I’m not sure it would work if his opponent can only focus on Shinji’s reiatsu and closing your eyes for example or simply using great techniques from the area like Hitsugaya himself.

    Lastly, don’t mention Zaraki Kenpachi, because even though he has enormous strength which he keeps sealed most of the time, well … He’s not very smart. His lack of strategic skills and the fact that] he can’t even use his Shikai limits him. He wouldn’t be able to defeat Hitsugaya or Byakuya in my opinion.

    So that’s it for today, let us know what you think, and let’s start debating on this top 10!

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