These are the 5 best horror anime of all time

    On Crunchyroll, Funimation, or on DVDs that you had saved: no matter where you watch them, these animes will become your worst nightmares.

    Some of the best horror pieces ever seen in fiction | Image: Studio Deen / Bandai Visual / Hiroshi Harada / ILCA / Toei ANimation

    The end of October can only mean one thing: pan de Muerto, pumpkins everywhere, tons of sweets, and many, many scares. In other words, this is the perfect time for all those people who like to feel the tingling and menacing sensation that fear causes, whether it is watching a movie or a series through Crunchyroll. Joining these celebrations, from the newsroom we have chosen 5 animes that give a very good account of horror in fiction, and without further ado, we show them below.

    5. Junji Ito Collection

    A spooky anthology of horror | Image: Studio Deen

    Junji Ito is considered a living legend, as he is the current spokesman for horror in modern fiction. With influences ranging from Mary Shelley to Lovecraft to all of the Japanese supernatural folklore, this author has brought us some of the creepiest stories out there. Fortunately for anime fans, several of these stories were adapted by Studio Deen into the Junji Ito Collection series, an anthology of short but terrifying episodes.

    Ghosts, demons, cosmic horrors: all human nightmares take shape between these chapters. The best? Shiver, and the double episode Tomie. It is worth mentioning that this anime can be found on Crunchyroll México.

    4. Devilman

    Go Nagai’s horror classic | Image: Toei Animation

    In addition to having created Mazinger Z, the mangaka Go Nagai is remembered for having given life to one of the most monstrous beings in history: Devilman. This demon has been the protagonist of the recent Netflix anime adaptation, Devilman Crybaby, however, from the writing we believe that the first OVAs that were made about this character in the nineties are more terrifying since they gave way to Gore characteristic of Nagai’s work without any kind of censorship.

    Three animated films make up this saga, in which we will witness the conversion of Akira Fudo into a demon and his dizzying and inevitable path of self-destruction. At once we warn you that you will not find a happy ending in Devilman, but a tragic and apocalyptic conclusion. How? You will have to find out on your own.

    3. Genocyber

    Genocyber is a great work of horror and science fiction | Image: Bandai Visual

    Between 1993 and 1994 Bandai Visual produced a series of OVAs that adapted the science fiction and horror manga Genocyber, an action-packed, gore-only show suitable for the strongest stomachs that over time has become a work of worship.

    This saga stars a powerful Cyborg, who, over the centuries, will emerge as a ruthless vigilante, who must face all kinds of technologically developed monsters. The plot, itself, is not very deep to say, but the animation work has withstood the passage of time with total solidity.

    2. Yamishibai

    A great anthology of supernatural stories | Image: ILCA

    Like the Junji Ito Collection, Yamishibai is a horror anthology series. Each episode is made up of three-minute short films, showing us myths and legends of Japanese supernatural folklore with a very particular animation style, since it imitates kamishibai: a very old way of telling stories in which images are presented on scrolls. Don’t be confused by the short duration of each episode: three minutes is more than enough to tell a true horror story.

    1. Midori, the girl with the camellias

    The best horror play in anime | Image: Hiroshi Harada

    In the entire history of anime, there has been no story more terrifying than the one seen in Midori, the girl with the camellias, an anime film that adapted the classic tale of the Meji Era. The most amazing thing about this film is that it was entirely animated by the artist Hiroshi Harada, who made this film only with the money that was in his pocket.

    Midori, the girl with the camellias, tells the story of a little girl who after the death of her mother is adopted by a circus, a nightmarish place where she will experience all kinds of humiliations at the hands of the monsters that live in it. This film has become a cult classic, and it is so raw that the viewer will not be able to avoid feeling terrified at every moment in front of the screen.

    As you can see, in this list we have offered you five of the best horror anime of all time. It will already be your decision to see them or not: yes, if you do, we recommend having all the lights off, and doing it in complete solitude, in order to increase the fear that each of these works could cause you.

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