10 Best Tanaka Anime Characters

Tanaka Anime Characters, Tanaka-Kun is always listless/indifferent” and this series aired in the spring 2016 anime season. The show shows us the day-to-day life of Tanaka, a high school student who never feels like doing anything and he might as well sleep all day or his whole life. Tanaka is a sloth and would first allow himself to be wet from the rain rather than make the effort to open his umbrella. Despite the inactivity of the protagonist, this anime is a great comedy of the Count of Life genre that will make you laugh at the occurrences not only of Tanaka but also of the other characters that accompany him on his non-adventures.

We want to present you with a list of the most prominent characters in this anime, although thanks to Tanaka’s influence we no longer feel like doing it, it takes a lot of effort to think in numbers and look for character profiles … well, we will make the list, but with minimal effort, just like Tanaka would.

10. Katou

Tanaka Anime Characters
Tanaka Anime Characters

In our tenth place, we have Katou, who seems to be Shimura’s best friend. This kid is good at sports and he likes soccer, but who cares? This is not a sports anime! Tanaka definitely doesn’t approve of these kinds of activities at all. Katou and Shimura are always ready for fun or to hear new school gossip. In one episode they are scandalized because they believe that Tanaka has gotten a girlfriend, poor boys are victims of their hormones.

9. Shimura

Tanaka Anime Characters
Tanaka Anime Characters

This boy is a classmate of our protagonist Tanaka. Shimura is characterized by being somewhat cool and wearing glasses, without which, apparently, it is unrecognizable. You can see Shimura almost always accompanied by Katou, the two are inseparable and get along very well. Shimura is by no means an example of apathy or laziness, but he stands out quite a bit for not standing out, so Tanaka would give him his full approval for being good at not getting noticed or taking center stage.

8. Saionji

Tanaka Anime Characters
Tanaka Anime Characters

Saionji is a very responsible and dedicated girl that you can always see doing different part-time jobs. The first time we meet her, she finds herself working at a fast food place serving everyone with a smile until she sees Oota and Tanaka. Why is this a problem? Well, it is difficult to explain, but Saionji believes that our protagonists are bad boys who have something against her so practically the poor thing works terrified.

Unfortunately for Saionji, Oota and Tanaka also go to the pool where she works as a lifeguard. The ninth episode of Tanaka- Kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, featuring Saionji, is one of the funniest in the entire series and should not be missed by the world. A diligent girl against an apathetic boy, enemies by nature.

7. Saya Oota

Tanaka Anime Characters
Tanaka Anime Characters

Saya Oota is an incredibly cute girl, shy, and very, very reserved. As you can imagine from her last name, she is Oota’s younger sister. As if that were not enough, she is the best friend of Rino Tanaka, the younger sister of our protagonist Tanaka! Saya is Rino’s classmate and they are always together. Saya is so shy that when she speaks she can barely be heard, so Rino repeats everything she says out loud.

Saya thinks her brother is like a gorilla, on the other hand, when she meets Tanaka she sees him as a prince due to his pale skin and slender body, that’s right: Saya is crazy about Tanaka. However, Saya is so shy that she cannot speak and thinks that when she is with Tanaka she must think of a topic of conversation, not knowing that for Tanaka everyone looks prettier quietly.

6. Echizen

Tanaka Anime Characters
Tanaka Anime Characters

She dresses up and acts like a bad girl, Echizen at first sees Tanaka as a possible enemy and challenges him to a fight. Echizen is actually been a friend and neighbor of Oota since they were in kindergarten, and he calls her ” Ecchan ” even though she has asked him many times not to do that anymore. This bad girl is a lover of everything that is cute, to such a degree that many times she does not dare to eat a dessert if it has an animal shape or something else cute.

It is due to her love for all things cute that Echizen has Miyano as her best friend, whom she nicknames ” Myaano”. Echizen is a very feminine girl in her own way, and she even seems to have romantic fantasies … with Oota? Is she really in love with her neighbor? Echizen stands out in this show for being a very rude and foul-mouthed girl who blushes easily.

5. Miyano

Tanaka Anime Characters

Miyano must be the shortest girl in the entire high school, but that doesn’t stop her from having the most explosive personality. Miyano is energetic, hyperactive, and childish but wants to be like Tanaka. That’s right: Miyano admires Tanaka for her apathy and disinterest. This little girl becomes a headache for our protagonist when she declares herself his “disciple” and begins to refer to Tanaka as “teacher”.

This girl really likes to have friends and is quite open, her best friend is Echizen, and later, Miyano uses her charisma to get Shiraishi to join her group of friends. Miyano actually resents being short and wishes people would stop mistaking her for a girl. Maybe that’s why she wants to be like Tanaka and appear more “mature” by sitting quietly doing nothing. Will he ever be able to surpass his master?

4. Shiraishi

Tanaka Anime Characters

She is beautiful, popular, cute, adored by boys and girls, very intelligent, and even the leader of the group, of course, we are talking about the one and only Shiraishi. This model student is admired by all and the boys of high school die just to be seen by her. However, Shiraishi keeps a secret: the truth is that his incredible appearance is due to an enormous effort to improve his external image. Shiraishi is bothered by fashionable hair, wearing contact lenses, and pretty clothes. She would be happy wearing sportswear and slippers all day.

Shiraishi doesn’t want to fool anyone by changing her image, she just wants to have friends who aren’t shy because she has excellent grades. Sure, no girl is bothered by having all the boys’ attention either, right? Shiraishi looks so different from the actual appearance that no one is able to recognize her, no one except Tanaka. This causes Shiraishi to fall in love with Tanaka because he believes that only he sees her for who she really is … the reality is that Tanaka recognizes her by the size of her breasts. Shiraishi was noted for her ratings, popularity, and huge breasts!

3. Rino Tanaka

As her name implies, Rino Tanaka is the younger sister of our protagonist Tanaka. Physically they are very similar, coming to look like the female version of his brother. Rino is calm and does things at her own pace, just like her brother, although she is not as apathetic. In fact, it seems that Rino is the one who takes care of Tanaka and even prepares dinner for her. Rino is an example of how a younger sister should be: quiet, well-behaved, and obedient.

Only Rino isn’t really like that. This girl has a secret not suitable for the heart: she is obsessed with her brother. Rino doesn’t miss any opportunity to spend time with Tanaka. Even if they eat out, she considers it a date. Rino sees Oota as an enemy because he is always stuck, will he see him as a rival in love? Rino Tanaka stands out for hiding a dangerous personality behind a calm appearance.

2. Oota

In our second place, we have Oota, Tanaka’s best friend. Oota is quite tall and strong, his face can intimidate other people, although he really is quite a considerate guy. Oota is a very practical person who knows very well how to solve different problems in daily life; Apparently, Oota is very good at taking advantage of supermarkets. You can always find Oota taking care of Tanaka. Oota does everything for him: wakes him up, carries him when he has to go somewhere, cuts his food into pieces … in Tanaka’s words: “Oota is the perfect wife.”

This giant loves sweets, they seem to be his only weakness, well, besides Tanaka, for which it seems he would do anything, except being his wife, poor Tanaka. Oota seems to really enjoy the way Tanaka sees things and tries to support him in his apathy and make his lazy life easier. Oota is the best friend Tanaka could wish for and he stands out on our list because we honestly don’t know if anyone could have the enormous amount of patience this guy has to do everything for Tanaka. Let’s hope that Oota never leaves Tanaka and stays by her side for life, although that would change the genre of this anime.

1. Tanaka

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Well, it seems lazy that the protagonist of Tanaka-Kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is at the top of the list, but we honestly didn’t want to push ourselves. Tanaka is the main character who actually wishes he was a regular character in his own life as he hates leadership and responsibilities. Tanaka seems to have a philosophy of life that is based on exerting minimal effort to get something done, or better yet: just doing nothing. Tanaka lives at her own pace if that can be called rhythm. Despite being listless and indifferent, Tanaka has friends who love and appreciate him.

Tanaka always reflects on many things and has a very particular way of seeing life. He is also a complainer and there are many things that he dislikes. Perhaps the best characteristic of Tanaka is that she knows very well her weaknesses and accepts that she is not the best example for her sister and companions. Honesty above all. Tanaka with her way of doing or not doing things and avoiding anything unpleasant manages to project an aura of tranquility and peace that can calm even the spectators of the show. The reason that Tanaka stands out above all the other characters is that he manages to do all of this without the slightest effort.

Here we would put some kind of conclusion, but it requires effort, and it is that Tanaka has taught us that the best things in life come without you doing anything … or realizing that they arrived. This anime has left us a sweet and calm taste in our mouths, with the calm of its protagonist we have forgotten the stress caused by working, these pressing keys are tiring. If you feel like making a comment, drop it, if you like, and keep enjoying the best Anime, or take a nap, whichever requires less effort.

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