Star Wars Visions: The future of the saga could continue hand in hand with the anime

Just a few hours ago the new Disney + Star Wars Visions series was released, immediately social networks went crazy, since those who have had the opportunity to see the 9 shorts with 9 different stories have pointed out that it is Wonderful, because this new proposal is very well enjoyed.

Fans would have the last word | Source: Lucasfilm

Users of social networks highlighted some important points such as that a new anime series, produced by studios specialized in Japanese animation, can be a breath of fresh air for the entire Star Wars saga, in addition to mentioning that they have a narrative sense good and excellent visual quality.

Given this, some fans of the entire franchise have expressed their happiness for the new series, in which even if it were up to them, they would give all future Star Wars material to Japanese studios, so that everything is animated and put aside movies with real people.

Everything seems to indicate that they have been delighted with Star Wars Visions, which was released this day. Meanwhile, they hope that with this collection of nine shorts, the creator of that entire universe, George Lucas, can feel proud of how the studios deployed their unique and diverse arts to tell the stories.

Star Wars Visions fits the tone and spirit of the narrative

From the beginning we knew that the stories outside the galaxy that we found in Star Wars are inspired by Japanese mythology and Akira Kurosawa films, just as part of the thousands of influences that history has, so James Waugh, Lucasfilm vice president of content and franchise strategy acknowledged that the new visions of animation will have a great cultural legacy .

“I think anime, in general, has had a great influence on the Lucasfilm creative team. The artistry and cinematic quality of it all have really inspired us for a long time. We always knew that we wanted to find a way to reflect Star Wars or connect Star Wars with animation and storytellers in Japan. “

Now that Lucasfilm has given its creators complete freedom to tell their stories, it seems it allowed them to explore the full potential of their imaginations to find great ideas for Star Wars Visions. If you have not yet seen the new series of shorts, these are already available through the Disney + platform.

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