10 Best Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters is an action-fantasy anime with a huge cast of colorful characters, most notably the Seven Deadly Sins themselves. They are a diverse group united by one goal: to protect the noble Kingdom of Liones and its people from all dangers and evil, such as the Ten Commandments or demonic hordes. These seven holy knights are easy to love and also quite memorable.

After three seasons of the anime, it’s easy to decide who the most likable characters in The Seven Deadly Sins are, based on their charisma, personality, funny quirks, and noble deeds, among other things. If the ten friendliest characters were ranked according to how easily they liked each other, how would they be ranked?

10. Meliodas, The Sin of Wrath

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

The protagonist himself, Meliodas, has a lot of screen time, which means that viewers have ample opportunity to see his noble and caring side throughout the story. Meliodas is completely devoted to her eternal beloved Elizabeth Lions and will destroy the whole world for her.

This makes it a mixed bag. Meliodas is loyal, brave, funny, and a good commander, but he’s infamous for his perverted side (he pats Elizabeth inappropriately). He is also angry with his friends, like the talking pig Hawk. Has some rough edges to polish.

9. Merlin, the sin of gluttony

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

Meliodas’ quirky but brilliant wizard ally is Merlin, who is much older than he appears. In fact, both God and the demon king were impressed by his abilities and both tried to win his favor. However, Merlin is loyal to the Seven Deadly Sins and follows Meliodas the best he can.

Merlin is a magical scientist to the end, her mind is hungry for new data and experimental theories all the time. Merlin is intense and dedicated to her work, which is admirable (and sometimes funny), but she is not the warmest or most compassionate member of the cast.

8. Gowther, The Sin of Lust

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

The sin of lust, Gowther, is an artificial being. He is an androgynous puppet created by the original Gowther, a blond demon, and this doll-like fellow seeks to better feel and understand human emotions. He is greedy for love, fear, anger, joy, and pain, not for the flesh.

Gowther is a bit charming, often showing up in eccentric costumes and acting as a good waitress at the Boar Hat Tavern. She also likes to pose and do a “ding!” Sound effect. for dramatic entrances. At other times, however, he can be quite haunting and cold. After all, he is an artificial being.

7. Escanor, the sin of pride

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

The bravest member of the Seven Deadly Sins is Escanor, famous for wielding his mighty battle-ax, Rhitta, to devastating effect. No one else can even lift it, much less wield it in battle. No mortal being is stronger than Escanor, and he certainly prides himself on it.

Escanor has a dual nature. During the day, he is the heroic lion who sins with pride, but at night he is a lean and meek guy who likes to serve drinks while he falls in love with Merlin, which makes him that much more likeable. This duality of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde makes Escanor a lot of fun, whether the sun is up or not.

6. Ban, the sin of greed

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

Another member of the Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most likeable characters in the series: Ban, the fox’s sin of greed. He has a sympathetic and tragic background as a child he was a desperate street kid and had few friends or allies. However, he had a fox as a father figure.

All of this makes Ban much more attractive and personable, and he also has a “charming rogue” personality that makes it even easier to root and enjoy the story. Ban is a bit whimsical and hedonistic, and while he’s also a bit selfish, Ban has a clear sense of honor and justice.

5. King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

The legend of King Arthur in real life is often carried over into anime, as Saber’s hugely popular character Arthur Boyle, the fiery soldier, and certainly King Arthur Pendragon from The Seven Deadly Sins. True to his inspiration in real life, this young king is selfless, courageous, and will lay down his life for the people of Camelot.

King Arthur also admires Meliodas as a companion of swords, and this young king prays that he has the strength and determination necessary to face the Ten Commandments and restore peace and justice to the land. Few characters are as pure and noble as King Arthur, and that makes it easy for us to like ourselves.

4. King, the sin of laziness

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

In the beginning, the king of the fairies was difficult to like, since in the first episodes of the series he only liked to loiter or harass Ban. But this whimsical king of the fairies has a good heart, and that heart still hurts. He has lost his beloved sister Elaine and is unsure of his ability to rule the fairy people.

Over time, King learns to trust himself and amazes audiences with his magical abilities based on plants and weapons. King also fell in love with his partner Diane, a charming crush who no doubt made fans fall in love with him. At this point, it’s easy to love and support King.

3. Elaine, The Fountain Guardian

Elaine is the princess of the fairies and the sister of King. She was once tasked with protecting the Fountain of Youth, a position she held for an incredible 700 years while King was away. Elaine tried to keep Ban away from the fountain, but she allied herself with him and loaned him the fountain water when a demon attacked her.

This came at the cost of Elaine’s own life, and her noble sacrifice left a deep impression on Ban and onlookers. Later, Elaine returned after the heroes found her in the Necropolis, and she and King were finally reunited. Since then, Elaine has been a gentle, kind, and persistent ally of the Sins.

2. Elizabeth Liones, The Fallen Angel

Elizabeth Liones is more than meets the eye. Elizabeth was originally a runaway princess, protesting the kingdom’s view that the Sins were unscrupulous criminals. Elizabeth became a good friend and ally of the Sins, and her kind and caring personality contrasted well with Meliodas and Ban.

But that is not all. Elizabeth was once an angel until she was struck down by her treacherous love for the demon Meliodas, and since then she has died and been reborn as mortal many times. Now her memories and powers have returned, and this soft-spoken angel princess is ready to fight to the end to end evil.

1. Diane, the sin of envy

Diane is not just any holy knight. She is a giant from the distant land of Megadozer. While most giants want nothing to do with the human kingdoms, Diane is absolutely loyal to Meliodas and, by extension, the Kingdom of Lions. Diane has a big heart that matches her earth-shaking powers, but she’s not a doormat, either. Diane balances the hard side of her and the gentle side of her well.

Diane used to question her place in her world as a giant who did not like to fight, but she has accepted her own powers and she is willing to lay down her life for justice. She was also in love with Meliodas until she returned King’s loving feelings to him and later married him. After all, Diane had the happy ending to her.

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