Netflix to get rid of Knights of the Zodiac in October, damn

Netflix Mexico is about to commit a crime against fans of Los Caballeros del Zodiaco. The company will remove the mythical Saint Seiya anime fromits Netflix series catalogin October.

Photo: Toei Animation

If you access your Netflix account in Mexico and put the anime of Los Caballeros del Zodiaco in the search engine, you yourself will be able to confirm that the platform informs that the “last day to see this title” will be next October 14.

Saint Seiya arrived on Netflix in 2019 with everything and its six seasons, but it will disappear like The Saga of Hades (2002), which since last September 15 is no longer available in the catalog.

Give me your strength, Pegasus, but don’t leave me | 
Photo: Netflix

While it’s a goddamn disgrace, the good thing about all of this is you still have a chance to do a Saint Seiya marathon before it goes away, while all you’ll have left is to settle for the infamous Saint Seiya CGI series: Los Knights of the Zodiac from Netflix, and from the series Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas (2009).

Saint Seiya is one of the most influential anime series in Mexico, which premiered in the late eighties. Despite not being a kid-friendly series, it taught us all the power of redemption. It’s a shame Netflix couldn’t keep it for much longer.

The series first premiered on open television in Mexico in 1986.

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