Evangelion: This Rei Ayanami cosplay body paint will cause the Third Impact

The characters of Evangelion will be blown away when they see this stunning cosplay of the EVA 00 pilot.

The beautiful pilot of the EVA 00 | Image: Khara

Of all the characters in Evangelion, Rei Ayanami is one of the few who have managed to captivate us in such a profound way. On the one hand, it is one of the most complex beings that inhabit Hideaki Anno’s fiction, and on the other hand, it has one of the best designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. It is for this reason that we loved this cosplay because it offers us a faithful interpretation of the waifu that has made us sigh so many.

The most faithful plugsuit we’ve ever seen in cosplay?

His gaze is full of melancholy | Image: Lovina Yavari (Ggeekxgirls)

Looking at Lovina Yavari’s cosplay, we can’t help but praise her portrayal of the artist as the first Evangelion Units pilot that NERV relied on.

And, although the artist does not exactly have a great resemblance to the character in the series, the painting of the supposed clothing that we can see on her body offers us the fantasy of truly seeing Rei Ayanami’s plugsuit.

She will protect us | Image: Lovina Yavari (Ggeekxgirls)

In the following image from the set of Lovina Yavari we can see Rei Ayanami again, but with a certainly different profile: looking determinedly towards the horizon, as if she were about to make a decisive decision. Has a new Angel descended on Tokyo-3, or has the time come to carry out the Human Complementation Project?

Being an angel is not an easy task | Image: Lovina Yavari (Ggeekxgirls)

Through different incarnations, Rei Ayanami has managed to conquer our hearts with each one of them. Whether they are clones, fanarts, or cosplays like the wonderful interpretation of Lovina Yavari, we will always be unconditional to the pilot of the EVA 00.

And you, what is your opinion of this Evangelion cosplay?

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