10 Best Chubby Anime Girl Characters

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters, plump, plump, chubby, whatever you want to call them. “Chunky” girls are not very common in anime; just as it is in the other entertainment media (although that is another topic so I will not follow it here). And although there are times when the characters are supposed to be chubby, the art doesn’t really show it and chubby disc girls look just as slender as everyone else. For example, Lucy in Fairy Tail is supposed to be more plump, just like Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, but one would never know if she wasn’t mentioned (repeatedly) on the show.

    Having said that, there are female characters with more curves than most, and while some feel self-conscious about their weight and are constantly struggling with it, there are many others who are proud of their body or simply do not focus on mentioning their weight or they complain about him. The chubby girls on this list are not all young or traditionally beautiful, but they are strong, talented, affectionate, confident, cute, sexy, or some combination of these characteristics. And of course, they are noticeably curvier than their co-stars. Chubby girls don’t appear very often on screen in anime, so if you’re looking for cool girls with meat on their hips, settle in and enjoy!

    10. Chouchou Akimichi from Boruto: Naruto the Movie

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: Movie
    • Issue: August 2015

    Chouchou inherited his father Chouji’s appetite and physique. She is also surprisingly fast and has a great deal of chakra, giving her an advantage over another genin that Chouji didn’t even have when he was the same age. Unlike her father, Chouchou is not offended when someone mentions her overweight and in fact, she is a very confident girl.

    During his adolescence he does try to lose weight (as many girls do at that age) but realizing his genetic predisposition, he seems to give it up for peace. Although she is a bit self-centered at times, she is also independent and has decided to go her own way and do things her own way. Chouchou is ranked number 10 because of all the girls on the list, she is the only one trying to lose weight and at some point feels uncomfortable with her physique.

    9. Minori Nakazawa of no-Rin

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: January 2014 to March 2014

    Minori is a cute peasant girl who has a crush on Kosaku, her childhood friend. Unfortunately, Yuka, a recently retired singer whom he idolizes, moves to his country and enrolls in his school. Although Minori obviously doesn’t have a petite, idol-like physique, she remains positive and continues to pursue her love interest.

    Minori even makes sure to show Yuka her voluptuous breasts to remind her that the department, Minori is the winner! Physically, Minori is noticeably fuller than the other girls on the show. She is a voluptuous, tomboyish, tsundere girl and all she wants is to settle down with Kosaku. She is caring, honest, and caring, not to mention strong as she often works in the fields. Minori is a curvy, healthy country girl who knows what she wants!

    8. Satsuki Yotsuba from Negima!

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 26
    • Issuance: October 2006 to March 2007

    Satsuki is an exceptional cook and even runs a restaurant. She is a hard worker and a cafeteria officer at the school and is often praised for her skills as a cook. Everyone loves her and she has the ability to stop lawsuits among martial arts students. Her calm and positive personality along with her and gentle way of speaking makes the environment feel calm and light when Satsuki is present.

    She has always dreamed of having her own restaurant because she loves to make others happy with her food. Being the motivated and hard-working girl that she is, she eventually opens branches of her restaurant – in orbit!

    7. Chieko from Princess Jellyfish

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 11
    • Issuance: October 2010 to December 2010

    Chieko is an otaku, just like everyone else who lives in her mother’s residential building, which she manages, by the way. Her particular passion is for Japanese clothing and traditional dolls. In fact, she herself looks like a doll with her round face and always dressed in a kimono. she has the aforementioned kinky face and is clearly thicker in appearance than the other girls on the show.

    Chieko is also mature and resourceful as she not only manages the building; She is also able to stay calm in stressful situations and is good at getting her way. On top of all that, thanks to her interest in the traditional, she is a very good seamstress. My favorite part about Chieko is a show where everyone gets a makeover, she’s the only one who turns it down. Why? She thinks she’s stylish enough already, just like she is! Keep it up, girl!

    6. Pine-Pine from Space ☆ Dandy

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: January 2014 to March 2014

    Pine-Pine is definitely a chubby slut. She is tall and has all the curves in the right places! This little cheek and her full lips are decorated with a mole right next to it. Her plump physique makes her look provocative if she’s dressed for work or going out on the town. And she has such good self-esteem, that when she invites her co-worker, Scarlet to a social event to find a boyfriend, Pine-Pine is the one who ends up surrounded by men.

    Even Dandy mentions that Scarlet “is not particularly attractive” although at first glance she fits the stereotypical mold of a tall, slender, pretty girl. What doesn’t help her is that she always seems to be depressed or upset, unlike Pine-Pine who is not only confident but always seems to be cheerful. Men cannot resist a voluptuous and confident woman!

    5. Yuriko Gouda from Ore Monogatari

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: April 2015 to September 2015

    Yuriko is a 40-year-old mother and housewife. As she says herself, she has the body (and vitality) of a twenty-something. Being stronger than many men, she works all day, carries all heavy goods, cooks wonderful dinners, and takes care of her husband and son like nothing. Even she continues her life of heavy physical labor during her pregnancies.

    Yuriko is also an extraordinary mother. She has raised Takeo to be an exemplary, respectful, kind, and gentleman; a characteristic that she has clearly acquired from her mother since she always tries to help others and cares about them before thinking about herself. In fact, when she was pregnant with Takeo, she carried another pregnant woman in the hospital!

    4. Risley Law from Fairy Tail (2014)

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 261+
    • Issue: April 2014 – ongoing

    Risley is a member of the Mermaid Heel guild. She is chubby by nature and is proud of her body. So much so that she wears a small bustier and a skirt to the hips with cuts on the sides that show the same amount of skin as the slim girls in the series. Risley is also confident in her abilities and is a very determined woman.

    With her magical powers, she can change the effects of gravity around her, for opponents, and herself. This allows her to move on walls, jump high and even change her body size, becoming slender at times when she needs to. However, she prefers her rounded figure and we see her that way most of the time. He has also warned his opponents: “Don’t underestimate the chubby ones!” And she really is not someone you should underestimate!

    3. Kamado Ueshita by Mirai Nikki

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 26
    • Issuance: October 2011 to April 2012

    Our list continues with another mother figure, Ueshita Kamado who runs and maintains an orphanage, which she has done for 14 years. She is very affectionate and loves children. She has been involved in a game of life and death, as she is one of the owners of newspapers who predict the future, who must kill each other to become the new god of time.

    Being the caring, loving, and peaceful woman she is, she is not interested in becoming a god and only wants to win to make the world a better place for children. Her sweet, round face and her plump, soft body make you want to hug her and have her bake cookies for you! All her children love her to die and even though she does not fight in the situation she is in, her children would do anything to protect her.

    2. Super Sonico by SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

    Chubby Anime Girl Characters
    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: January 2014 to March 2014

    Although Sonico was made to satisfy all kinds of fanservice, she is not your typical cute and busty anime girl. Unlike most well-endowed heroines, she also has thighs, a belly, and an overall thicker body. Not only that but he is also seen often overflowing with his (sometimes almost non-existent) outfits. And many times you can see the carnita on the edge of his pants or other clothes and you can see folds in the skin when he sits or is in certain positions.

    She actually has a more realistic body type in terms of what a plump and sexy college girl would look like. Apart from all this, Sonico is a model, works at his grandmother’s bar, and is a singer and guitarist in a band! And although she is beautiful, voluptuous, talented, and very busy, she is down to earth, a bit distracted, and a pretty girl.

    To be honest, I was surprised the first time I saw a Sonico figure and I loved the fact that his body is quite realistic. That’s why even though she was only Nitroplus’s mascot at that time, she became and still is one of my favorite characters.

    1. Kazami Torino from Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: October 2015 to December 2015

    It’s starting to seem like a lot of chubby girls in anime are motherly or sensual. Well, here we have a girl who has the best of both worlds! Kazami Torino is a tender, intelligent, generous, and caring woman who welcomes girls who do not want to fight or who have nowhere to go on Mermaid Island. She is truly like a mother to all the girls in the village and they all adore her for it.

    Physically her cleavage is more than well endowed and you can usually see where her clothes naturally tighten around her hips, tummy, and breasts. And when we see her in a bikini (or even less!) I think you would agree that she is the cutest plump MQMC you’ve ever seen. And that’s how it got to number 1 on our list!

    Well, there you have it! There are other anime girls who are supposed to be plump or chubby but most of the time it is not noticeable and in many cases, even if it is noticeable, the girls are self-conscious about their size and constantly try to lose weight. The girls on this list were chosen because they are not ashamed of their body, they are confident in themselves, they are successful, kind, or smart, but most of all, their weight does not play a big role in who they are. In fact, most of these girls never mention their overweight or try to change it, they are who they are, they love it, and they are proud of it!

    The Real Drive series deserves a special mention. All the girls in this anime have curvy and very realistic bodies. And it’s by Masamune Shirow and Production IG! (from Ghost in the Shell ). Believe it or not, there were people who did not like this series because of the plumpness of the characters …

    What do you think? Do you agree with the selections? Do you think there should be more realistic bodies in anime? Do you like marshmallow girls? Let us know in the comments below!

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