20 Best Black Hair Anime Girl

    Black hair anime Girl: it’s something that you will see a lot in anime because you will see it a lot in Japan. Previously, we highlighted brown hair color as “everyone’s” hair color, but while that is true in many anime series and around the world, black hair is traditional in Japan and Asia. While black hair color in anime has some meaning, it does not always carry that meaning as strongly as other hair colors because it is also a color for “everyone,” which means that the character is an avatar for the audience.

    As for the meaning of black hair, in most cases, it means that the character is ordinary or traditional. Black hair has always been common in anime because of how the Japanese audience can relate to the characters. Alternatively, black hair can denote darkness in the character. Mystery characters often come with black hair because not only is it dark, it makes their personality more difficult to read. Finally, because it denotes a traditional standard of beauty in Japan, it can also be used for the popular, but unattainable, “school idol” in women. You know, perfect, but for that perfection, they put her on a pedestal.

    So who are our top picks for the best characters with black hair anime girls?

    1. Sasuke from Naruto

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Sasuke, Itachi, Madara – you choose, the Uchiha clan has perfect black hair. The Uchiha clan has always had a great tradition, if not for being rebellious scum as well. Additionally, the amount of intrigue in the clan makes black hair a perfect cover for the true personalities of those in it.

    2. Akame from Akame ga Kill

    Black Hair Anime Girl
    Black Hair Anime Girl

    As a series about assassins, when you see Akame on the poster, you expect him to be a certain type of character. You know the type: cold, emotionless, excellent at killing. However, it is the black hair that preserves Akame’s mystery and makes her true personality so surprising. She is supposed to be a dark and brooding killer, but in reality, she is kind and also somewhat complex in her worldview.

    3. Kirito from Sword Art Online

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Kirito is the avatar of the audience in Sword Art Online so he made his avatar look like him in real life instead of being a normal MMO gamer and making his avatar look as cool as possible. He’s a scrawny guy with black hair so that the Japanese public can identify him. He gets himself a harem, he does amazing things, and this is exactly how the audience wants his avatar to be.

    4. Mikasa From Attack on Titan

    Black Hair Anime Girl
    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Both Mikasa and her relative Levi have black hair in a sea for browns and blondes. Have you ever wondered why his characters are so popular? Yes, it is because they are both extremely badass, but also because they are the secret of “all the men” of the series. His black hair makes it easier for Japanese fans to step into his shoes, so to speak. Also, as strong, quiet, and often work-focused characters, they are quite identifiable with traditional Japanese ideals.

    5. Fullmetal Alchemist Mustang

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    For as many silly moments as we see around Mustang, he’s still a military man. Military men like Mustang must be reserved and in control of their emotions. Despite being the alchemist of the flame, he is normally in control of his emotions because bad decisions can mean the loss of the lives of others. While creating your character is more than just a hair color choice, black hair looks good on you.

    6. Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    There are many eclectic characters in My Hero Academia, but Yaoyorozu isn’t necessarily one of them. She is more of that school idol-type girl that we often see in anime series. Girls with long black hair are seen as more traditional type girls, and Momo is the same. She is wealthy and well educated with a bright future. However, unlike other high-nurturing characters on other shows, they actually give their character flaws and growth, which is great.

    7. Hak Son from Yona of the Dawn

    Black Hair Anime Girl
    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Hair color means a lot in Yona of the Dawn, not just from a character point of view, but from a plot point of view as well. Hak Son doesn’t really seem like his hair plays a role compared to Yona or the dragons, but it does. He’s essentially the normal character on the show. It is not special, but it serves as a base element for the group and assumes a traditional role as protector.

    8. Misaki from Another

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    In Another, much of the plot surrounded Misaki and how mysterious she was. You kept looking to unravel the mystery that surrounded her. To do that, they made a nice throwback to Japanese horror by giving it that pale skin and dark black hair to make it look more like Japanese horror tales. Of course, her black hair was all a red herring in that regard.

    9. Sebastian from Black Butler

    Black Hair Anime Girl
    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Black Butler is an interesting case. It takes place in Victorian England but follows two black-haired non-Japanese characters. In this case, the black hair does not denote decent Asian, but rather it is about showing darkness and, in Sebastian’s case, mystery. He is a demonic butler, you want to stay to see the how and why of everything, not only in regards to his character but his situation.

    10. Hyouka’s Bed

    Chitanda is not the first character you will meet with long black hair and a very wealthy family. She isn’t even the first on this list! It is a bit stereotypical in Japan that girls from wealthy families are more traditional and reserved because they have an image to maintain. Chitanda is not the wildest in Hyouka, but she is quite adorable. Although her black hair is long, it is a bit unkempt, which shows her breaking the stereotype, but only slightly.

    11. L from Death Note

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    One could argue that L’s black hair is just one more polar opposite of Light and his… light hair. However, it could also be said that it immediately shows him as a mysterious character, since you never know what he is thinking. However, to me, the messy black hair, pale skin, and eye bags show him as that quirky kind of detective. Consider that all other police detectives are the button-down type, it works well for his character and his eccentricities.

    12. Kurumi from Date A Live

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Kurumi is a funny character due to her duality. In her spirit form, everything is bloodlust, sadism, and pigtails, while in her human form she is modeled after the reserved, long-black-haired girl. It can change so fast it can lead to whiplash, but it suits black hair in many ways.

    13. Lelouch from Code Geass

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    Lelouch’s black hair is more indicative of his personality than his nationality, as are many hair colors on the show. Despite being in Japan, he has a wide range of hair colors, so Lelouch, who has black hair, is not that out of place for a prince from abroad in exile in Japan. Her hair speaks more to her devious nature, similar to that of her two ambitious parents.

    14. Yukino from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

    Yukino is pretty much what you think of when you see long black hair on an anime girl. She is cool, collected, and often appears emotionless. Ice queens are nothing without their signature long hair. This was basically done to give him that school idol look. You know, a girl who is idolized by the school, but she’s pretty unattainable.

    15. Byakuya from Bleach

    Byakuya is basically Shinigami royalty. His family is highly regarded and it is all about tradition. While black hair is not exactly unheard of in Soul Society, Byakuya’s black hair speaks of his loyalty to order and tradition rather than random chaos and force. He is refined and the color of his hair speaks to that.

    16. Sawako by Deliver to you

    The whole “joke” on Kimi ni Todoke is that Sawako looks like Sadako from the ring. You know, all the long black hair, silent and creepy. However, she is actually the kindest soul ever. This fits in with black hair which adds a bit of mystery, but also works to make her look like the traditionally normal schoolgirl. This is further accentuated by her best friends adapting more modern hairstyles and colors.

    17. Death the Child from Soul Eater

    Death the Kid has a ton of quirks, no doubt, but he’s also one of the more traditional characters in the series. His obsession with symmetry prevents him from doing crazy things for fear that order will be disturbed. Also, as the son of the Grim Reaper, black hair is part of the character design package.

    18. Hell Girl Ai

    While Ai is the main character in Hell Girl, the focus is not always on her, it is simply a way to facilitate the stories that happen. As such, Ai should be a silenced character, but one that you want to see. Black hair and her muted personality are a way of working out her mystery. However, you will notice that Ai is often painted as more traditionally Japanese. Sometimes I suspect that there is an element of folklore that I may be missing here.

    19. Kanda from D. Gray Man

    D Gray Man is very European, not only in his environment but in his characters. And yet, in a sea of ​​foreigners, there is Kanda, a very familiar-looking character. It’s an anime series, so of course, you need a traditional-looking character who wields a katana and waves her long black hair. However, Kanda is also a deeply unsettling character and his black hair lends itself to that as well.

    20. Mio from K-on!

    Black Hair Anime Girl

    K-On is all about making the characters cute, but unique. Mio is similar to the school idol trope that sometimes comes up with black hair and girls in anime. Long black hair symbolizes certain traditional values ​​in women, such as being reserved and refined. While Mio certainly has the potential to be unrefined, her shy nature keeps her in check. Although, although quiet, she does a great job supporting her friends, that’s what the bass player always does.

    Did we overlook your favorite black-haired character? Let us know who they are and why they should be here in the comment section below.

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