Top 10 anime guys with long hair

    Formerly it was believed that boys should have short hair and girls’ long hair, but today this is indifferent. The anime boys with long hair give a more attractive air that combines with their physique, some characteristic features, and their clothes.

    The following list of the best anime boys with long hair, has not been restricted by their hair color or their hairstyle, but there is a variety to choose from, trying to order the list according to the length of the hair. We hope you enjoy it!

    10. Jin Kazama from Days

    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: July 2016 to December 2016

    Jin is a freshman at Seiseki High School, and a genius soccer player, holding the position of forward, and thanks to Tsukushi Tsukamoto he rekindled his passion for the game. Jin has long blonde hair that falls to her shoulders. Jin’s straight hair is always loose, having a forward part, but with a clear forehead, being able to appreciate his light brown eyes.

    Jin being a tall player, with a toned body and with golden hair, is considered very attractive, pointed out by his classmates. Jin likes to wear flashy outfits that match his hair, like a yellow suit that he wore instead of school training gear. Jin’s long hair flutters back when he’s playing, making him very popular for both his physique and the way he plays.

    9. Soubi Agatsuma from Loveless

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    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: April 2005 to June 2005

    Soubi is a fighter paired at first with Aoyagi Seimei, but when he died, Soubi becomes Loveless’s fighter. Soubi has long hair that reaches below her shoulders, of a light brown color. Soubi’s tall and slim build makes her hair look much longer. Soubi has bangs that cover part of her forehead and her blue eyes that are behind her glasses. Soubi also wears two strands forward on each side that cover the bandage on his neck where he hides his real name. Soubi mostly has her hair down but when she paints it is tied up in a ponytail.

    8. Jinguji Ren from Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star

    anime guys
    anime guys
    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: October 2016 to December 2016

    Ren studied at Saotome Academy and is now a member of the idol group STARFISH. Ren’s long hair is orange in color and reaches his shoulders, but being tall Ren gives the appearance of having his hair longer. Ren has a lock of hair that falls from his forehead, crossing his right eye to his ear. Ren’s hairstyle makes her hair from the right side forward and the left side behind her ear, showing her earring.

    Both Ren’s tanned skin and light blue eyes make his hair look even longer. Ren’s hair length matches her loose and playful way of dressing, giving her a flirty look. As Ren’s hair falls forward, he makes his attributes stand out, especially because he wears the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, revealing something of his chest.

    7. Rui Anjou from Magic Kyun! Renaissance

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    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: October 2016 to December 2016

    Rui is a student at the private school of magical arts Hoshinomori, whereas an artist he specializes in dance. Rui has long wavy blonde hair. A few strands of her hair lightly cover her green eyes. Rui’s height and thinness make his hair seem much longer, which reaches below his shoulders, being shrunken by his great and roughness.

    Rui is one of the most popular boys in the academy due to his physique and tousled hair, easily attracting girls, being something that he does not dislike. Rui’s long golden hair flutters when he dances, captivating everyone who sees him. He also messes up Rui’s hair when he plays basketball, using it to flirt with the girls, giving everyone a smile.

    6. Biba Amatori from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
    “English: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”

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    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: April 2016 to July 2016

    Biba is the main antagonist, former leader of the Hunters, being known as the Liberator, and it is the eldest son of Shogun who betrayed and disinherited him. Biba has long pink hair that falls below her waist. Biba has an upturned pompadour with a small wick on the left side of her face.

    Thanks to his long hair, the women of Shiratori station call Biba beautiful. Biba wears a long red cape that matches her hair color. Sometimes he wears two long wicks on the front over his battle suit. Despite wearing his hair down, he does not prevent Biba from fighting or brandishing his sword, possessing the appearance of someone used to fighting.

    5. Kenshin Himura by Rurouni Kenshin

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    • Episodes: 94
    • Broadcast: January 1996 to September 1998

    Kenshin is a former assassin samurai who is wandering all over Japan helping whoever needs it, to redeem what he has done, promising never to kill again. Kenshin has long, waist-length hair that is deep red. The abundance and thickness of Kenshin’s hair make him appear even longer, as does his slim and petite build. Kenshin always wears his hair in a ponytail, showing a more youthful face.

    Strands of hair fall from Kenshin’s face, accentuating the thick, cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. Although Kenshin’s appearance is not that of the legendary Battōsai the chopper, he is easily betrayed by his long reddish hair and scar, which are distinctive features of him. Kenshin’s hair matches his worn soft red men’s kimono.

    4. Yang Jinghua from Ling Qi
    “English: Spiritpact”

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    • Episodes: 20
    • Issuance: June 2016 to November 2016

    Yang is a poor young man who can see spirits and who only dies by being run over, but instead of becoming an evil spirit, he becomes the image of the Youmeshi, Duanmu Xi. Yang has long black hair that reaches down to her waist. When Yang dies, his soul awakens with a younger appearance, making his hair longer.

    Yang has her hair in a ponytail, which at first holds it with a white ribbon but later changes it with a blue ribbon that Duanmu gave her as part of their pact, raising her hair a bit. Yang also has bangs that fall on her forehead and highlights that fall on the sides of her face. Although Yang possessing long hair is not very abundant, moving freely at any time, especially when fighting.

    3. Kuroh Yatogami from K Project

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    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: October 2012 to December 2012

    Kuroh was a former vassal of the late colorless seventh king but is now a member of the clan of the Silver King, Adolf K. Weismann, although he knew him as Yashiro Isana. Kuroh is a tall young man with long hair that hangs down to his waist. Kuroh’s hair is always tightly tied in a ponytail. The black color of Kuroh’s hair matches the same color as the long jacket he wears, making it look like his long hair.

    Kuroh has bangs that sweep away from her face with the exception of a few strands of her hair that fall across her face, but they fail to cover her blue eyes. Thanks to his physique and long straight hair, Kuroh is quite handsome, even being called hot by some of Ashinaka’s students. Not having abundant hair, Kuroh’s ponytail is easily pulled up when fighting despite being long. After the Ashinaka Island incident, Kuroh began to let her hair fall out, making it longer, although she later returned to her usual hairstyle.

    2. Inuyasha’s Seshomaru: Kanketsuhen

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    • Episodes: 26
    • Issuance: October 2009 to March 2010

    Sesshomaru is one of the first antagonists, being Inuyasha’s half-brother, whom he doesn’t love because despite being only half-demon, his father left Inuyasha the Tessaiga. Although Sesshomaru is a demon, he is categorized as one of the most attractive characters, this is due to his long silver hair that reaches almost to his ankles. Sesshomaru’s hair is highlighted by his white skin, giving him a smooth appearance. Sesshomaru has an open ring on his forehead that allows you to see his purple crescent.

    Sesshomaru’s hairstyle is totally loose, with his hair mostly behind his pointed ears. Other features on Sesshomaru’s face, such as the purple stripes on his cheeks or his deep-set eyes, highlight his silky hair. Sesshomaru’s hair is so long that it passes the yellow obi at his waist, covering much of the back of his white male kimono. When he fights, his hair is raised along with the white stole that he wears on his right shoulder.

    1. Yue from Sakura Card Captor

    • Episodes: 70
    • Issuance: April 1998 to March 2000

    Yue is one of the two guardians of the Clow cards and Sakura Kinomoto, after judging her as the new owner, in addition to possessing a second identity as Yukito Tsukishiro who was unaware of Yue’s identity. Yue is a kind of angel with extremely long hair that can reach down to the ground. Yue’s attractive hair is silver in color. Yue has her hair tied up in a loose ponytail, but since her hair is so long, she has it tied with blue bows in the middle and at the end of her hair.

    Yue’s hair runs down her back over her white silk robe. On her face, Yue has short bangs that reveal her silvery blue eyes, similar to feline eyes. Although her bangs are long, it does not prevent you from appreciating her jeweled earring on her left ear. Since Yue’s long hair is tied back, it does not prevent her from using her large angelic wings to fly. When flying, Yue’s hair floats as does her long side cape that hangs from her right shoulder.

    Final Words

    And this was our top 10 best anime guys with long hair, we hope you didn’t get tangled up. For these characters, having long hair makes them more attractive, having different types of hairstyles, the most popular being the ponytail. Although they have longer hair, it does not mean that it hinders them, but quite the opposite, being able to wave it while running or fighting. In this list, many other attractive guys with long hair were left out, if you know any we would like you to comment on this page or on social networks.

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