10 Best Anime Fighter Characters

    Fights, arguments, complaints, and irritability; That is why the members of the ranking of this article are defined, which will take us to the limit of our patients due to the explosive and often illogical personalities of the most quarrelsome anime.

    Some of the protagonists on the list are powerful and that is why their egos keep them furious; Others have simply had so much trauma in their life that they are already stubborn about their mere existence, and therefore cannot even bear themselves. Enough of the presentations, and let’s start once and for all with the count of the most quarrelsome of the anime. Let’s go!

    10. Kyou Souma from Fruits Basket

    Anime Fighter Characters
    Anime Fighter Characters
    • Episodes: 26
    • Issuance: July 2001 to December 2001

    Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, and Comedy are the genres that come together to give life to a rather unique story, which is supported by the signs of the Chinese zodiac. Fruits Basket shows us the life of Tooru Honda after suffering a family misfortune and meeting the members of a particular family, with whom he has a new beginning and experiences that come out of normality.

    Kyou Souma is known to be the outcast of the family as, despite having Souma’s surname and blood, he is treated as an intruder. With the aforementioned, anyone would have tantrums at all times, and Kyou proves it by being a curmudgeon with almost everything, especially with Yuki Souma, his enemy in the history of the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, the fighter blames him for everything that has happened to him, and every time he has him in front of him, he looks for a way to get involved in a fight and defeat him, although he always loses, which makes him angry and hate him even more.

    9. Katsuki Bakugo from Boku no Hero Academia

    Anime Fighter Characters
    Anime Fighter Characters
    • Episodes: 13
    • Issuance: April 2016 to June 2016

    This relatively new anime, which opens its third season in April 2018, no longer needs an introduction. Boku no Hero Academia was an innovative bet that leads heroes and villains to study to, so to speak, be legal in the trade of saving or ending the lives of citizens. The plot takes us to the ordinary life of Izuku Midoriya, a boy belonging to the 20% of the people in the world who do not have superpowers, but who will fight in his intense desire to become a hero like his idol All Might.

    Wait! What happened to the bully in this position? Well, that’s Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku’s classmate and his eternal rival. He is a highly intelligent aspiring hero capable of great feats, yet he is also headstrong with a severe superiority complex. His personality makes him a match that lights up with any touch, especially if it has to do with the protagonist of the anime or feeling despised by others, especially if it is because of his villain appearance.

    8. Eren Jaeger From Attack on Titan Season 2

    Anime Fighter Characters
    Anime Fighter Characters
    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: April 2017 to June 2017

    Anger is a powerful trigger that surfaces the darkest and deepest thing that is within people, and for Eren Jaeger, it is such that it even allows him to transform into an imposing titan. This boy not only has that ability but also the one to get angry with the smallest impulse, which goes from an insult to his mother or stepsister to his desire to annihilate the titans, always defending his own.

    Our fighter is the protagonist of the anime and is characterized by how easily he explodes loudly in high-risk situations, such as when he is kidnapped by Jean and Erwin. This time he gave a recital of complaints and questions! Eren is so impulsive and a lover of fights that he did it even with his mother before watching her die, which he will regret until the last of his days.

    7. Ira Gamagoori from Kill la Kill

    Anime Fighter Characters
    Anime Fighter Characters
    • Episodes: 24
    • Issuance: October 2013 to March 2014

    Kill la Kill has shown us that a person with great determination and rebellion towards the ruling system can form a whole revolution or a cacophony of kicks and punches using uniforms that grant power. The protagonist, Ryuuko Matoi, seeks revenge for the murder of her father and, comes to defy the rules of the Honnouji Academy, led by the student council, of which fighter number 7 is a member, under the command of Satsuki Kiryuuin.

    As his name implies, Ira Gamagoori is anger in its purest form, and from the beginning of the anime, he can be seen giving good beatings to those who make him angry, which is very easy to achieve. The tallest and most corpulent subject in the anime, he is also in charge of imparting discipline in the academy … how scary! His desire to fight is such that even if he is being beaten he enjoys the pain, so much so that he expresses it in sadomasochistic words.

    6. Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2

    Anime Fighter Characters
    Anime Fighter Characters
    • Episodes: 161
    • Broadcast: April 1989 to September 1982

    If you are looking for an anime that makes you laugh at all times, then Ranma ½ is ideal for you, thanks to the rather hilarious and comical experiences of the protagonist, Ranma Saotome, and his fiancee Akane Tendou. The context puts Ranma as a martial arts specialist boy as well as the tomboy Akane, taking between fights some awkward romance situations and enemies they must defeat.

    Ranma is known for his temperamental character, and an example is when the leading couple decides to enter a play, the girl to fulfill her dream and the boy to win the first prize. There we see the troublesome Ranma fighting for the role with old man Happosai and Tatewaki (a crush on Akane), in a battle on stage that ends with… we are not spoiling them! Go once and see this fighter …

    5. Hiro Shishigami from Inuyashiki

    • Episodes: 12
    • Issuance: October 2017 to December 2017

    We have never had so much fun with a fight between an old man and a boy. For those who have not seen Inuyashiki, we put them in context a bit: it all begins with an alien incident, where the old man Ichirou Inuyashiki and the young Hiro Shishigami are turned into war machines so that then each one takes their own directions, one as a hero and the other as a villain. Will youth or wisdom win?

    Hiro is a sociopath filled with irreverent fury for almost everyone. Before becoming a murderous machine, the boy was constantly outcast and stubborn by the strongest of his class; Furthermore, his father abandoned him and that always kept him upset, but being so weak he could not bring out the worst in himself with those who deserved it.

    After becoming a cyborg, Hiro becomes the most bloodthirsty and crazy fighter in the entire ranking, unloading all the desire he had to face his enemies from the academy and hundreds of innocents. Let’s remember when once and for all he ends up with his high school detractors but ends up losing someone of value to it.

    4. Shaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura

    • Episodes: 70
    • Issuance: April 1998 to March 2000

    Cardcaptor Sakura was an anime that marked the childhood of many, and now it also does so with its new installment, entitled Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen. Shaoran Li has always had a deep love for Sakura, but this is tempered by her shyness, high morale, and sense of always doing the right thing. This leads him to behave like a nagging adult, always ending up disgusted with the protagonist and the other characters.

    Examples of this can be seen in chapter 27, where the heroine tells him that she likes another boy and he immediately becomes irritated and seeks to run uphill. Also in chapter 39, he ends up fighting Sakura for being reckless when trying to retrieve a card that was lost in the whirlwind of an enemy. Yes, now we see him more mature, but he was one of the most irritable in anime.

    3. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

    • Episodes: 51
    • Issuance: October 2003 to October 2004

    Fullmetal Alchemist introduces us to the brothers Edward Elric and his younger brother Alphonse, who as alchemists seek a way to regain their original human form after the disaster when trying to revive their mother … but it is not easy for them as many powerful enemies will get in the way. on their way.

    Edward is a time bomb, detonated whenever someone makes him feel uncomfortable or simply meddles in his business. His small stature is one of the reasons why the alchemist and protagonist of the anime end up burning with anger and consequently fighting between words and insults with anyone who dares to make fun of being small.

    There are plenty of examples to give about how feisty Edward is, like when he was on a train and Vato Falman makes a comment about his short stature and then sees the boy explode in anger at what he said. Or when a girl with a masculine appearance tells him that he is “super dwarf” and he does not hesitate to start a verbal fight saying that he “looks like a boy”. Do you justify it?

    2. Inuyasha by InuYasha

    • Episodes: 167
    • Issuance: October 2000 to September 2004

    If it weren’t for the fact that the best in the ranking is unmatched when it comes to throwing tantrums and forming conflicts, Inuyasha would be in the lead. Seriously, he does not get along with anyone, and it is that from the beginning he is creating problems, whether he is to seize the Pearl of Shikon or by mere pride because he has a rather large ego. If he’s stubborn enough on his own, with Kagome’s arrival things just get worse! All for looking like a priestess who beat him 50 years ago.

    Just watch the first 10 episodes to realize that Inuyasha’s rude, haughty, and conflict temperament is not going to change, no matter what Miss Kagome does … although she is not a saint, and instead is also the main one. headache of the protagonist. She disapproves of many of his behaviors and hates being ignored, becoming pretty much the opposite of what Inuyasha is in the beginning.

    1. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super

    • Episodes: 131
    • Issuance: July 2015 to March 2018

    Goku may have achieved the transformation of the Selfish Doctrine, which makes him almost invincible, but he can never be bothered at the level of Vegeta. It is not because all his anger explodes in a fit, but because at every moment he is angry and ready to fight, without thinking about it, with whoever dares to challenge him or say a word that he dislikes.

    Possibly we are talking about the character who laughs the least in the entire list, and it is that there are few times that his face shows a face that is not angry and a resounding desire to break the teeth of the first one who makes him annoying. In addition, he turns out to be so quarrelsome that all the dialogues he has with his wife Bulma are about silly conflicts, like when he did not attend her birthday.

    Vegeta has too big an ego, and it is that his pride as a prince of the Saiyans still remains intact, regardless of whether his enemies drag him in a queue like Frieza did or Jiren himself. It is because of that ego that Vegeta always sees others as simple “insects”, even his friends, and this is a reason to treat them badly at all times or reproach them for their weakness. Like this or more quarrelsome ?!

    We reached the end of our list of the most quarrelsome in anime, and we have been on the verge of patience. We also know that without several of them the world of anime would be in the hands of the villains, and that is why we put up with their whims, complaints, and insults. All for the greater good!

    Honey’s Anime says goodbye, but not before inviting you to continue enjoying our content and share it with your friends. Do you know characters more quarrelsome than these? If so, leave us your comments on the matter. Successes and blessings!

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